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These Worksheets / Activity Sheets have been created to aid you in helping educate your children.  Just click on the worksheet you wish to print, then use your browser back button to return to this page.   
(Note: Print Page 1 only to save paper)
  • Addition - Begining addition with a few story problems.  (Grades Preschool through 1st. 
  •  Subtraction - Begining subtraction with a few story problems.   (Grades Preschool through 1st) 
  •  Numbers 10 - 100 - Practice with numbers 10 - 100. (Grades Preschool through 1st)   
  •  Odd and Even - More addition and subtraction practice.  Practice with determining  odd and even numbers.  Grades 1st through 3rd)  
  •  Count by #'s - This is an introduction to multiplication, learing how to count by 2,  3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.  (Grades K through 2nd)  
  •  Graph Play - Pets - This worksheet is a simple graph.  Problems are simple and  addition and subtraction is less than 10.  (Grades K through 3rd)  
  • Advanced + & - - Contains a little tougher addition and subtraction problems with double and triple diget problems. (Grades 1st through 3rd)   
  •  Intro to Multiplication - This worksheet makes comparisons between the sum results of addition and multiplication. (Grades 1st through 3rd)
  • Problem Solving Multiplication - This worksheet allows your child to solve problems dealing with multiplication. You can use rods or blocks to check answers. (Grades 2nd through 4th)
  • Eating Pie - Play with addition and fractions (Grades 1st through 3rd)
  • Eating some more Pie - Play with subtration and fractions (Grades 1st through 3rd)
Language Arts  
  • Rhyming Word Play - requires your browser to be compatible with java script.    Have your child answer the questions.  Then print the page or read on the screen. (Grades Preschool through 2nd)  
  • NewDoddle Page - Cute javascript of a graffi wall.  Let your imiagation run with this cute program.
  • Vocabulary - An overview for parents, links to lesson from this page.  (Grades K through 3rd)
U. S History  
  • Happy Birthday American - American's celebrate the birthday of the United States on the Fourth of July. (Grades Preschool through 2nd)
We are currently working on new activity sheets for you.  Our goal is to publish one additional worksheet everyweek.  So Bookmark this page and keep checking back.
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We are currently looking for graphic artists to donate their time to create some of the many needed graphics for the activity pages.  You will receive full credit, a link to your web site.  If you are interested, please contact me.  

Email Autumnfallpeople@earthlink.net 
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