Architectural Photography

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The particular purpose of this page is to show off my architectural photographs of interesting buildings in Evansville, Indiana.

Why am I taking pictures of buildings, boring right? Well, as an amateur artist, I need stock photos to draw from. So, I bought a digital camera and can now take my own. Luckily, Evansville is like a museum of architectural styles with loads of really cool buildings. I can use cool, I'm over forty, so it's "MY Generation". The photos are my intellectual property. However, if you are an artist, I give you permission to trace over them for backgrounds for your artwork. You can give me credit if you want. Because these are studies to be used in my own artwork, they may seem repetitious as the same thing is photographed from several different angles for perspective, etc. Useful to me, but possibly boring to you. If you are an artist, however, you might find them useful as well. If you do use these as models for your artwork, tell me so I know.

Evansville is a nice town in a bend of the Ohio river. I suppose it's typical middle America. In "City Under the Sea" a classic movie about a ruined city in the tropics, the 'exotic' singer when pressed by one of the heroes admits she is from Evansville. It's also famous as being about fifty miles from where Abraham Lincoln grew up, and is the home of Thunder on the Ohio, a yearly big fast boat race. Click on the building you want to view. The first one I am working on is the Old Post Office and Customs House.

The Old Post Office and Customs House

The Greyhound Bus Station

The Old Jailhouse

Main Street

Veterans Memorial Colisseum

The Old Court House

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