Hi! We are the Surbey Family. Vince and I (Val) have a total of 11 children ranging in ages from 31 years old to 5 years old. We are new at this homepage stuff, and are learning gradually....very, very gradually. Our children are as follows: Alan 31, Stephen 31, Joanne 30, Darlene 30, Lynne 29, Catherine 27, Tyler (died at birth in 1987), Christopher 10, Timothy 7, Ryan 7 and Preston 6. You might think, from seeing all of these kids in twos with the same age that we might have a penchant for having twins. The only twins in the lot are Joanne and Darlene. These are children from a blended family. The last four (youngest) are adopted by us. Vince is a retired junior high (middle school) teacher of physical education. Val informed him that he has to get a job because she doesn't think she can handle him at home underfoot all the time. He did. He is now a contractor for one of the local newspapers here in Winnipeg. Val is a stay-at-home mom. She has to be. All of our younger children are special needs and it's a full time job advocating, driving, keeping appointments, making meals, housekeeping (do people still do that?) In addition, we have an Old English Sheepdog, Maggie and two cats that really belong to Catherine named Goose and Pooh. (dont' ask!)

We are in the process of setting up this web page. Val is learning the ropes with the wonderful help of Nora Lee.   We are currently setting up a web page for Timothy.  That link will appear here shortly with some badly needed editing.

Timothy's Home Page
Photo Album
Manitoba Down Syndrome Society
Testimonial to a Community School
A Special Relationship

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