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About Me


I created my images in Caligari Truespace and edited some of them in Corel Photopaint 7.

I am also looking to upgrade to a better 3D package. (Lightwave, 3D Studio MAX 2, or even Softimage 3D). If anybody knows where I would be able to get cheaper copies, second hand copies or student licences then please e-mail me at jdsite@davies99.force9.co.uk. It will help me to produce better images. Also, I am looking for a part time job, creating 3D stills or animations. If anybody wants to contact me concerning a job please mail me at jdjob@davies99.force9.co.uk. Thank you.

I am also thinking of starting an alt.truespace or alt.binaries.truespace newsgroup or something like that. If anybody thinks that this would be a good idea then please E-mail me at jdnews@davies99.force9.co.uk




My System

Armari Pentium 200

64mb Ram

3.2 + 6.4Gb Hard Disk

Matrox Millennium 4mb Graphics Card

17" Iiyama VisionMaster Pro Monitor

Sound Blaster AWE32 w/Yamaha DB50XG Daughterboard.

Black Widow 9636PRO Flatbed Scanner



Contact me at jdsite@davies99.force9.co.uk

I will try to reply to E-mails if you want me to, but if I receive too many then it could take a while.

I created all of the images and objects myself.




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