Charlemagne to June Murdock Shaputis

(40 Generations)

Generations 11 to 20

Eleventh Generation

58. Adelaide (Adelheid) of Vermandois occupation Countess Vermandois/Valoi, m. Hugh the Great, Duke of France, (son of Henry I, King of France and Anne of Kiev) occupation Marquis of Orleans, Count of Paris,, Amiens, Chaumont, Valois, Vermandois.
67. i Isabel de Vermandois.

59. Robert I "the Devil", Duke of Normandy b. c 1000, of Normandy, occupation Duke of Normandy, and Harlotte (Herleve or Arlette) of Falaise, (daughter of Fulbert of Falaise and Dode (Dunra) of Falaise) d. c 1050, dau of Fulbert, a tanner of Falaise. Robert died 22 Jul 1035, Nicaea, Bythinia, Nice. heat and fatigue killed him while returning from pilgrimage to Jerusalem Harlotte: Magna Carta Barons 1915 by Browning p. 129; Burkes Dorm. and Extinct Peer. p. 227; Burkes Commoners Vol I p. 65; Royal Families of Eng., Scot. & Wales by John Burke Vol I 1848 p. 2
68. i WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR, King of England b. c 1027.

60. Adela (Adalaide, Alexandria) de Roucy occupation Countess of Roucy, m. Hidlouin III de Montdidier, (son of Hildouin II de Remeru and --- ---) occupation Count of Montdidier, d. c 1063, Seigneur de Rameru (jure ex.). Adela died 1063. Hidlouin: Lord of Rameru, Count de Roucy
69. i Marguerita de Montdidier.

61. Henry I, King of France m. ca 1044, Anne of Kiev, (daughter of Yaroslav I Grand Prince of Kiev and Ingegarde) d. ca 1075. Henry died Aug 1060, md 1044 to, Anne of Kiev, dau of Yaroslav I.
70. i Hugh the Great, Duke of France.

62. Adela (Adele) of France (See marriage to number 50.)

63. Beatrix (Beatrice) of Hainault m. Ebles I, Count de Roucy, (son of Gilbert (Gisilbert) de Roucy and unknown) occupation Archbishop of Rheims, d. ca 11 May 1033. Beatrix dau of Rainier IV Ct of Hainault.
71. i Alix (Alice or Adelaide) de Roucy.

64. Ebles I, Count de Roucy (See marriage to number 63.)

65. Henry I "Beauclerc" King of England b. Sept 1068/70, Selby,(Salsbury) Yorkshire, England, occupation King of England,
m. (1) 11 Nov 1100, in Westminister Abbey, London, England, Matilda (Edith) of Scotland, b. 1079/80, Dunfermline, Scotland, (daughter of Malcolm III Canmore, King of Scotland and St. Margaret of Scotland) occupation Queen of England, d. 1 May 1118, Westminister Palace, London, England, buried: Westminister Abbey, London, England,
m. (2) 29 Jan 1122, in Windsor Castle, Adelicia (Adeliza) of Louvain, b. ca 1105, Louvain, d. 1151, Afflighelm, Flanders, buried: Afflighelm, Flanders, no issue here, with her 2nd husb. William De Aubigny; she had 7 children.
Mistresses of Henry I:
and Sibyl Corbet, dau of Robert Corbet,
and Nest verch Rhys ap Tewdr, b. ca 1073, South Wales; of Dynevor, Carm., Wales, (daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr Mawr and Gwlady verch Rhiwallon)
and Isabel (Elizabeth) de Beaumont, b. ca 1102/07, (daughter of Robert de Beaumont and Isabel de Vermandois) alive 1172, md Gilbert fitz Gilbert de Clare by 1130,
and Unknown mistress.
Henry died 1 Dec 1135, Lyons castle nr Rouen, Angers, he may have died at St. Denis le Fermont near Rouen, Fr Normandy, buried: Reading Abbey, Berkshire, England, had many mistresses and illeg. children.
Complete Peerage new ed. Vol II Appendix D; Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants by Von Redlick; Royal Mistresses by C. Carltom p. 14

Children by Matilda (Edith) of Scotland:
72. i Matilda (Maud) Empress of Germany b. ca 1102/04.
ii Richard? (son) --- b. ca July 1101, d. 1101, as an infant.
iii William IV the Atheling b. 5 Aug 1101/03, Winchester, England, m. June 1119, Matilda (Alice?) de Anjou, dau of Fulk V, Count of Anjou. William died 25 Nov 1120, at sea in "White Ship" off Normandy, no issue. the "White Ship" (La Blanche Nef) struck upon a rock called the 'Catteraze" & sank off Barfleur on the Normandy coast, killing many royal family members
iv ? Euphemia d. young.

Children by Sibyl Corbet:
73. v Reginald fitz Roy "de Dunstanville".
vi William (de Corbet) d. alive 1184, appeared on the Pipe Roll, issue, if any, unknown.
vii Gundred (de Corbet) d. alive 1130, named in the Pipe Roll of 1130.
viii Rohese (de Corbet) married Henry de la Pomerai; 2 sons.
ix Sibyl (Elizabeth) (de Corbet) d. 1222, buried: ?Dunfermline, fife, Scotland?, md. Alexander I, King of Scots.

Children by Nest verch Rhys ap Tewdr:
74. x Henry Fitz Henry.

Children by Isabel (Elizabeth) de Beaumont:
xi Isabel (Hedwig) (de Beaumont) unmarried 1141, living with stepfa Gilbert de Clare.

Children by Unknown mistress:
75. xii Robert Fitz Roy de Mellent b. ca 1088/90.
xiii Richard b. pre 1101, occupation soldier, d. 25 Nov 1120, drowned in the "White Ship", unmarried, ma poss. Ansfrid, widow of Anskill.
xiv Fulke b. ma. poss. Ansfrid, widow of Anskill, died early, or became a monk.
xv Juliane occupation had 2 sons, 2 daughters, md. 1103, to Eustace de Pacy I, Ld. of Breteuil. Royal Families of Eng., Scot., & Wales by John Burke 1848 Vol 1 p. 40,41
xvi Maud b. 1086? 1108?, ma "Edith" of unknown parentage, left 2 daughters, d. 25 Nov 1120, drowned on the "White Ship", md 1103, to Rotrou II, Count of Perche. Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists by Weis
xvii Robert, the Kings son b. ma. Edith, dau. of Forn, d. 31 May 1172, left 1 dau.
xviii Gilbert unmarried 1142.
xix William de Tracy left 1 dau.
xx Maud (Matilda) --- left 1 son, 2 dau., md post 1106, md. Conan III, Duke of Brittany. Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists by Weis
xxi Eustacie left issue, md William Goet III, Ld of Montminrael.
xxii Constance (Maud) dowry was South Tawton, Co. Devon, left issue, Md. Rosceline de Beaumont, du Maine.
xxiii Aliz (Aline) --- occupation had 5 sons, md Mathieu de Montmorenci.
xxiv Maud occupation Abbess of Montivilliers.
xxv Emme d. living 1157, md ca 1121, to Guy IV, Sieur de Laval.

66. Adela b. ca 1062/66, Normandy, m.1080/81, in Chartres, Stephen of Blois, (son of Eudes (or Theobald III) Count of Blois and unknown) d. killed 1101/02, Ascalen, Count of Blois and Chartres. Adela died 8 Mar 1137/8, Cluniac Priory, Marcigny-Sur-Loire, Fr, buried: Holy Trinity, Caen, Normandy, France.
76. i Stephen, of Blois, King of England b. ca 1095/96.

Twelfth Generation

67. Isabel de Vermandois occupation Countess of Leicester, m. (1) abt 1118, William II de Warenne, b. 1071, occupation 2nd Earl of Surrey, d. 11 May 1138, m. (2) 1096, Robert de Beaumont, b. ca 1046, (son of Roger de Beaumont (de Bello Monte) and Adeline de Meulan) occupation Earl Leicester, d. 5 June 1118, Count of Meulan in French Vexin. Isabel died 13 Feb 1131. William: Fought at Tenchebrai in 1106 for Henry I, Earl of Surrey and Warenne
Children by William II de Warenne:
77. i Gundred de Warenne.
78. ii Ada (Adalaide) de Warenne.
Children by Robert de Beaumont:
79. iii Robert de Beaumont II (le Bossu) b. ca 1104. 80. iv Isabel (Elizabeth) de Beaumont b. ca 1102/07.

68. WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR, King of England b. c 1027, Falaise Castle, Falaise, Normandy France, occupation Duke of Normandy 1035-87, m. (1) by 1053, in Cathedral of Notre Dame d'Eu, Normandy, Matilda (Maud) of Flanders, (See marriage to number 57) and mistress. WILLIAM died 8/9 Sep 1087, Priory of St Gervais, Rouen, Norm., Fr, buried: St Stephen, Abbey aux Hommes, Caen, Normandy, France, Conqueror of England, King of England. injured internally by horse stumbling and throwing him into saddle pommel at Mantes, France after battle.; built the "White Tower" of London. Matilda: founded Holy Trinity Abbey; Queen of England 1068; Regent of Rouen; lived at Castle Lille; died of an illness; may have been married in Angi Castle, Eu
Children by Matilda (Maud) of Flanders: see number 57.

Children by mistress:
xii William Peveril b. of Nottingham, d. 28 Jan 1113/14, built castle at Castleton, Derbys. 1086.

69. Marguerita de Montdidier m. Hugh de Clermont, b. of Clermont, Beauvais, France, occupation 2nd Count of Clermont.
81. i Adeliza (Alice) de Clermont.

70. Hugh the Great, Duke of France (See marriage to number 58.)

71. Alix (Alice or Adelaide) de Roucy m. Hildouin III Count de Montdidier, occupation Count de Roucy.
82. i Hildouin IV, Count de Montdidier.

72. Matilda (Maud) Empress of Germany b. ca 1102/04, Winchester, England, m. (1) Henry V, Emperor of Germany, d. 22 May 1125, m. (2) #2 1127/28, in LeMans, Angers, Anjou, France, Geoffrey V "the Fair" Plantagenet, b. 24 Aug 1113/14, LeMan's, Maine, France, (son of Fulk V "le Jeun" and Erembourg (Ermentrude) of Maine) ref: fever; cold, occupation Count of Anjou, d. 7 Sept 1150/54, Chateau du near River Loire, Eure, Fr., buried: St Julien, LeMan's Cathedral, Maine, France, red-headed, Duke of Normandy; Knight of the Bath. Matilda died 10 Sep 1167/69, Rouen(Notre Dame des Pres., France, buried: Bec Abbey, md 1st Henry V of Germany d. 1125. "rumor that Steven of Blois may have fathered Henry II, Geoffrey descendant of Tortulf, his grandmother was considered a witch." Plantagenet Chronicles by Eliz. Hallam; Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists by Weis; Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants by VonRedlick
Children by Geoffrey V "the Fair" Plantagenet:
83. i Henry II Curt Mantel, King of England b. 5 Mar 1132/33.
ii Geoffrey Plantagenet b. 1 Jun 1134, Argentan, occupation Count of Nantes, Martel, d. 27 July 1158/57, Nantes, buried: Nantes, unmarried.
iii William Plantagenet b. 21 July 1136, Angers?, occupation Count of Poitou, d. 30 Jan 1164/63, Rouen, buried: Notre Dame, Rouen, France, unmarried.

73. Reginald fitz Roy "de Dunstanville" occupation Earl of Cornwall 1141, m. (1) Beatrice Fitz Richard de Mortain, m. (2) --- ---. Reginald died 1 Jul 1175, md. Beatrice FitzRichard.
Children by Beatrice Fitz Richard de Mortain:
i Maud md Sir Robert Beaumont.
Children by --- ---:
84. ii Alan de Dunstanville.

74. Henry Fitz Henry occupation Lord Pebidiog & Narberth, m. unknown. Henry died 1157, killed in invasion of Anglesey, had issue.
i Amabilis Fitz Henry b. 1140.
ii Meiler Fitz Henry occupation Justiciar of Ireland.

75. Robert Fitz Roy de Mellent b. ca 1088/90, of Caen, Clvds, Normandy, occupation Earl of Gloucester 1122, m. Maud Fitz Hamon, b. ca 1090, d. 1157. Robert died 31 Oct 1147, Cardiff castle, Bristol, Eng of fever, buried: Priory of St James, Bristol, "the Consul".
i William Fitz Robert occupation Count of Meullent, d. 23 Nov 1183, buried: Keynsham, md ca 1150, md Hawise deBellomont d. 24 Apr 1197.
ii Maud of Gloucester b. c 1120, d. 29 Jul 1189, md Ranulph de Bayeua IV des Gernons 1141.
85. iii Philip Fitz Robert b. c 1122.

76. Stephen, of Blois, King of England b. ca 1095/96, occupation crowned King 26 Dec 1135, m. Mathilda (or Maud) of Boulogne, b. ca 1105, (daughter of Eustace, Count of Boulogne and unknown) d. 3 May 1151. Stephen, died 25 Oct 1154.
i Mary of Boulogne b. 1136, occupation nun, d. 1182.

Thirteenth Generation

77. Gundred de Warenne m. Roger de Newburgh, (son of Henry de Newburgh and unknown) occupation Earl of Warwick, Crusader.
86. i Waleran de Newburgh.

78. Ada (Adalaide) de Warenne b. of Warenne and Surrey, Eng, m. 1139, Henry of Huntingdon, b. c 1115, Scotland, (son of David I "the Saint", King of Scotland and Matilda (Maud) of Huntingdon) occupation Earl of Huntingdon, d. 12 Jun 1152, Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland, Earl of Northumberland. Ada died 1178. Henry: Paid homage to King Stephen and recieved Lordship of Huntingdon. Crown Prince of Scots.
87. i David of Huntingdon.
ii William "the Lion" King of Scotland occupation King of Scotland 1165.

79. Robert de Beaumont II (le Bossu) b. ca 1104, occupation Steward of England/Normdy, m. Amice, dau. of Ralph, Seigneur of Gaul/Montfort. Robert died 5 Apr 1168, Justiciar, Viceroy.
88. i Hawise de Beaumont.
89. ii Robert de Beaumont III.

80. Isabel (Elizabeth) de Beaumont (See marriage to number 65.)

81. Adeliza (Alice) de Clermont m. Gilbert de Clare de Tonebruge, b. pre 1066, of Tonebruge, Kent, England, occupation 2nd Earl of Clare, d. 1114/17, Lord of Tunbridge; founder Claire Priory. Gilbert: Founded the Priory of Claire in 1090; Lord Cardigan 1107-1111
90. i Alice (Adeliza) de Clare.
ii Richard Fitz-Gilbert de Clare d. 15 Apr 1135, a skirmish with Welsh near Abergavenny.

82. Hildouin IV, Count de Montdidier m. Adelaide de Rheims. Hildouin died ca 1063.
91. i Beatrix de Montdidier.

83. Henry II Curt Mantel, King of England b. 5 Mar 1132/33, LeMan's, Sarth, Maine, France, occupation King of England 1154-1189, m. (1) 18 May 1152/53, in Bordeaux cathedral, Whitsuntide, France, Eleanor of Aquitaine, b. ca 1122, Bordeaux or Belin, Aquitaine, France, (daughter of William VIII "the Pious" of Poitou and Eleanor de Chatellerault) occupation Queen of France & England, d. 31 Mar 1204, Aguitaine, Fontevrault, Anjou, France, buried: monestary, Fontevrault, Anjou, France, mother of Kings and Queens, and unknown mistress(es). Henry died 6 July 1189, Chinon (chapel), Tours, France, buried: monestary, Fontevrault, Angevin, France, red-headed, haemorrhage. Eleanor: she may have died at Mirabell Castle, Poitiers, France
Children by Eleanor of Aquitaine:
i Mathilda (Maud) Plantagenet b. June 1156, London, England, occupation 5 sons, 1 dau, d. 28 June 1189, Bruswick, Bavaria, Germany, buried: St Blasius Cathedral, Brunswick, Germany, md 1 Feb 1167/8, to Henry "the Lion", of Saxony, Bavaria.
ii William (Guillaume) Plantagenet b. 17 Aug 1152/53, Rouen, Normandy, France, d. ca Apr 1156, Wallingford castle, Berkshire, England, buried: Reading Abbey, at foot of grandfa, Henry I, frail from birth.
iii Henry Plantagenet b. 28 Feb 1154/55, Bermondsey, London, England, occupation Duke of Normandy, d. 11 June 1183, Chateau Martel, Limoges, France of fever, buried: 1st LeMan's, Notre Dame, Rouen, France, md Nov 1160, md Margaret of France, dau of Louis VII. iv Richard I "the Lion-hearted" Plantagenet b. Sept 1157, Beaumont Palace, Oxford, England, occupation King of England, d. 6 Apr 1199, Chaluz castle, Martel, Limousin, France, buried: Fonteuraud, Fonteuraud Abbey, Angevin, France, gangrene from a random arrow.
v Eleanor Plantagenet b. 1162, Rouen, Domfront, Normandy, France, occupation 11 children, d. 31 Oct 1214, Burgos, Spain, buried: monastery, Las Huelgas, Burgos, Spain, md 1176, to Alfonso VIII, King of Castile.
vi Joanna Plantagenet b. Oct 1165, Angers, France, died in childbirth, d. 4 Sept 1199, Rouen, France, buried: Fontevraud, Angevin, France, md 1194/96, md 1 Wm II of Sicily, 2. Raimund.
vii Geoffrey Plantagenet b. 23 Sept 1157/58, occupation Earl of Brittany, d. 19 Aug 1186, buried: Notre Dame cathedral, France, thrown from horse during tournement.
92. viii John "Lackland", King of England b. 24 Dec 1166.

Children by unknown mistress(es):
ix Geoffrey occupation Archbishop of York.
x Peter occupation Archdeacon of Lincoln.
xi Morgan occupation Bishop-elect of Durham, Provost of Beverley.
xii William Longespee occupation Earl of Salisbury.
xiii child b. 1169, this may be William Longespee, ma was Alix, dau of Eudon de Porhoest.
xiv child (sex unknown) b. ma may have be Princess Alix of France, d. at birth, or born dead.

84. Alan de Dunstanville m. --- ---.
93. i Alice de Dunstanville b. ca 1134.
ii Cecily de Dunstanville.

85. Philip Fitz Robert b. c 1122, Gloucester, England, m. --- de Berkeley, b. c 1138.
94. i Aline de Gai b. c 1159.

Fourteenth Generation

86. Waleran de Newburgh occupation 4th Earl of Warwick, m. Alice de Harcourt, widow of John, de Limesi, dau. of John de Harcourt. Waleran died ca 1204/05.
95. i Alice de Newburgh.

87. David of Huntingdon occupation Earl of Huntingdon, m. Maud le Kevelioc, b. of Chester. Earl of Huntingdon, Lord of Fortheringhay and Scottysbury in Northampshire. These were English fiefs of the Kings of Scotland. Lord of Stratbolgie and the Garrioch in Scotland.
96. i Margaret "le Scot".
ii John "le Scot" occupation Earl of Huntingdon. Last Palatine Earl of Chester, Strathbolgie.
iii Isabel "le Scot" Wife of Robert Bruce.

88. Hawise de Beaumont m. ca 1150, William FitzRobert, (son of Robert "de Caen" Earl of Gloucester and Mabel (Matilda) FitzHamon) occupation Earl of Gloucester, d. 23 Nov 1183, Lord of Glamorgan & Cardiff Castles. Hawise died 24 Apr 1197.
97. i Amice, Countess of Gloucester.

89. Robert de Beaumont III occupation Earl of Leicester, m. Pernel (or Petronilla), (daughter of Hugh de Grandmesnil and unknown) d. 1 Apr 1212. Robert died 1190, returning from Crusades at Durazzo, Steward of England & Normandy.
98. i Margaret de Beaumont.

90. Alice (Adeliza) de Clare m. Alberic II de Vere, b. pre? 1090, (son of Alberic de Vere and Beatrice de Gand) occupation 2nd Baron de Vere, d. 15 May 1141, slain at London, Eng.; of Kensington, buried: of Great Addington & Drayton, Northampts, Justice & Master Chamberlain of England. Alice died c 1163. Alberic: Sheriff of London and Middlesex 1121, 1125; Justice and Master Chamberlain of England, 1133
99. i Aubrey de Vere b. c 1120.
100. ii Juliana de Vere.

91. Beatrix de Montdidier m. Geoffrey II (or I?) Count du Perche.
101. i Mahaut (or Mathilda) du Perche b. c 1080/1105.

92. John "Lackland", King of England b. 24 Dec 1166, Beaumont Palace, Oxford, England, occupation King of England, m. (1) #2 24 Aug 1200, Isabel de Talliefer d'Angouleme, b. ca 1184/88, Angouleme, Anguomois, Western France, (daughter of Aymer II de Valence Taillefer and Alice (Adelaide) de Courtenay) d. 31 May 1246, secret room at Fontevrault Abbey; hiding, buried: monastery, Fontevrault Abbey, M-Loire, France, 5 children, and Mistress(es), m. 1191, divorced, Avisa of Gloucester. John died 19 Oct 1216, Newark castle, Nottingham, Sleaford, Eng, buried: Norman Choir, Worcester cathedral, England, dysentery,fever.
Birth of Britian by Churchill p. 259; The Magna Charta Surities 1215 by Weis
Children by Isabel de Talliefer d'Angouleme:
102. i Henry III King of England b. 1 Oct 1207/06.
ii Richard Plantagenet b. 5 Jan 1209, occupation Earl of Cornwall, d. 2 Apr 1272, Berkhamstead manor, England, buried: Abbey of Hales, Gloucester, England.
iii Joanna "Makepeace" Plantagenet b. 22 July 1210, Gloucester, England, d. 4 Mar 1238, near London, England, buried: Tarrant, Crawford, Dorset, England, md 19 June 1221, to Alexander II of Scotland.
iv Isabella Plantagenet b. 1214, Gloucester, France, d. Dec 1241, Foggia, buried: Andria, md 20 July 1234, to Frederick II, Emperor of Germany.
v Eleanor Plantagenet b. 1215, Gloucester, England, d. 13 Apr 1274/75, nunnery of Montargis, France, buried: Montargis, France, 7 children.
Children by Mistress(es):
vi Joan b. pre 1200, ref: md 1206, occupation md Llewellyn ap Jorwerth, d. 30 Mar 1237, Aber, buried: St Mary & St Nickolas, Beaumaris, Wales, ma maybe 1 of 2, Isabel of Gloucester or Agatha Ferrers.
vii Geoffrey occupation Honour of Perche, d. 1205.
viii John occupation a clerk in 1201, supported by the See of Lincoln.
ix Henry fitz Roy b. a student in 1207 at Kenilworth Prior, d. alive 1233.
x Oliver b. ma was Hawise (Tracy?), d. Oct 1218, while on crusade at Damietta.
xi Osbert Gifford b. ma a Gifford.
xii Richard de Chilham b. by a sister of Wm, Earl of Warrenne, occupation Capt at revolt of Barons, md 1214, to Rohese de Dover. Encyclopedia Britannica 9th ed. 1 1893 Vol II p. 684
xiii ?Isabel la Blanche md Sir Robert fitz Yva (Fitz You).

93. Alice de Dunstanville b. ca 1134, of Combe, Wilts, Eng, m. Thomas Bassett, b. c 1130, of Headington, Oxfordshire, Eng, (son of Gilbert Bassett and Edith D'Oilly) occupation Justice Itinerant of Eng, d. 1182/83. Alice living 1196, md Thomas Bassatt. Thomas: King Henry II appointed him Justice Itinerant.
i Gilbert Bassett.
ii Thomas Bassett. Baron at Runnemede as councellor of King John at signing of Magna Carta 1215 103.
iii Alan Basset b. c 1155.

94. Aline de Gai b. c 1159, England, m. Alan Basset, b. c 1155, Headington, Oxford, Eng, (son of Thomas Bassett and Alice de Dunstanville) d. 1232/33. Alan: Baron, Counselor to King John at signing of Magna Carta (Runnemeade).
104. i Aline Basset b. c 1188.

Fifteenth Generation

95. Alice de Newburgh m. William, Baron Mauduit, b. of Hanslape, Buckinghamshire, England, d. Apr 1257. Children:
105. i Isabel de Mauduit b. c 1227. ii William de Mauduit occupation Earl of Warwick.

96. Margaret "le Scot" m. 1209, his 2nd marriage, Alan McDougal, occupation Lord of Galloway, d. 1234, Constable of Scotland 1215-1234. Margaret eldest daughter.
106. i Devorgilda.

97. Amice, Countess of Gloucester m. RICHARD DE CLARE, (son of Roger de Clare and Maud de St. Hilary) occupation Earl of Hertford & Clare, d. 1217, MAGNA CARTA SURETY. Amice, died 1 Jan 1224/25. COMPLETE PEERAGE VOL VI p 501
107. i GILBERT DE CLARE b. ca 1180.

98. Margaret de Beaumont m. pre 1173, SAIER DE QUINCY, b. 1155, occupation 1st Earl of Winchester, d. 3 Nov 1219, in the Holy Land; Damietta, Magna Carta Surety, Justiciar, Crusader, Earl 1207-1219, Margaret died 12 Jan 1235/36. The Genealogist vol 5 p 221-225; Complete Peerage Vol XII (2) p 748
Children by SAIER DE QUINCY:
108. i Robert de Quincy.
ii Roger de Quincy occupation 2nd Earl of Winchester, d. 25 Apr 1264, md Helen of Galloway.
109. iii Hawise de Quincy b. c 1184. Children by Saire de Quincey: 110. iv Robert de Quincey.

99. Aubrey de Vere b. c 1120, occupation 1st Earl of Oxford, m. 3. c 1162, Agnes (Lucia) of Essex, b. 1151/52, Essex, England. Aubrey died 26 Dec 1194, Great High Chamberlain of England.
111. i ROBERT DE VERE b. c aft 1164.

100. Juliana de Vere m. annulled, Sir Hugh I le Bigod, b. c 1095, occupation Earl of Norfolk & Suffolk, d. Mar 1177, Holy land while crusading, 2nd son, Steward of Royal Household. Juliana alive 1185. m.2. Walkelin Maminot, m. 3. Roger de Glanville
112. i Sir ROGER II BIGOD b. c 1145/50.

101. Mahaut (or Mathilda) du Perche b. c 1080/1105, of Perche, Normandy, France, m. Raymond I, Viconte de Turenne, (son of Boso I and unknown) occupation Vicomte de Turenne, d. aft 1122. Mahaut died 28 May 1143. Raymond: Went on the 1st Crusade 1096
113. i Marguerite de Turenne b. c 1125.

102. Henry III King of England b. 1 Oct 1207/06, Winchester castle, Hampshire, England, occupation King of England 1216-1272, m. 14 Jan 1236/37, in Canterbury cathedral, Kent, England, Eleanor of Provence, b. ca 1217/21, Aix-en-Provence, (daughter of Raymond Berengar V, Count of Provence and Beatrix of Savoy) occupation Queen of England; nun, d. 24 June 1291, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England, buried: Convent church, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England, 9 Children, short illness. Henry died 16 Nov 1272, Westminister palace, England, buried: cathedral, Westminister, Eng (nr Ed. the Confessor).
The Magna Charta Surieties 1215 by Weis p. 106
114. i Edward I, King of England b. 17 June 1239.
ii Edmund "Crouchback" Plantagenet b. 16 Jan 1244/45, occupation 1st Earl Lancaster, d. 5 June 1296, Bayonne, buried: Westminister Abbey, England, 2 wives.
iii Margaret Plantagenet b. 29 Sept 1240, Windsor castle, England, d. 26 Feb 1275, Cupar castle, Fife, Scotland, buried: Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, md 26 Dec 1251, to Alexander III of Scotland.
iv Beatrice (Beatrix) Plantagenet b. 25 June 1242, Bordeaux, France, d. 24 Mar 1275, London, England, buried: GreyFriars church, Newgate, London, Eng., md 22 Jan 1260, to John II, Count of Bretagne.
v Richard Plantagenet b. ca 1247, d. ante 1256, buried: Westminister, England.
vi John Plantagenet b. ca 1250, d.pre 1256, buried: Westminister, England.
vii Katherine Plantagenet b. 25 Nov 1253, Westminister palace, England, d. 3 May 1257, Swallowfield? Windsor castle?, England, buried: Westminister Abbey, England, unmarried, born deaf and dumb.
viii William Plantagenet b. ca 1256, d. ca 1256, buried: New Temple, London, England.
ix Henry Plantagenet d. young, buried: Westminister, England.
x Mary Plantagenet d. 25 Nov 1251, died young.
xi ?Henry? b. may not be related, d. assassinated at, Mass in Italy. Hayden's THE BOOK OF DIGNITIES p. 9

103. Alan Basset (See marriage to number 94.)

104. Aline Basset b. c 1188, Wycombe, Bucks, Eng., m. Drew de Montagu, (son of William de Montacute and Isabel ---).
115. i William de Montacute b. c 1210.

Sixteenth Generation

105. Isabel de Mauduit b. c 1227, of Hanslap, Warwickshire, England, m. William de Beauchamp, b. c 1215, of Elmley Castle, occupation 5th Baron Beauchamp, d. c 1269, will dated 7 Jan 1268/69. Isabel died pre 1268, buried: Nunnery of Cokehill.
116. i William de Beauchamp b. 1237.

106. Devorgilda b. of Fotheringhay, m. 1233, John de Baliol, (son of Hugh III de Baliol and Cecily de la Fontaine) occupation Lord of Barnard Castle, d. 1269, buried: Barnard Castle, Durham, England. Devorgilda died 1289, buried: Abbey, Duice Cor. Countess of Huntingdon and Lady of Fotheringhay Castle where she mainly resided. She was buried with the heart of her husband. Founded Baliol College in Oxford, Eng. John: His heart was buried with his wife in the Abbey at Dulce Cor "Sweetheart Abbey ." He and Devorgilda founded Baliol College in Oxford, Oxford, Eng. He and his son-in-law, Comyn of Badenoch, were Regents of Scotland during the minority of Alexander III, King of Scots and his Queen, Margaret, who was a sister to King Edward I of England.
i John Baliol, King of Scotland.
ii Alexander Baliol occupation Chamberlain of Scotland, Baron Baliol.
iii Mary Baliol occupation md John Comyn "the Black". Her husband was Lord of Badenoch, co-Regent of Scotland with his father-in-law , John de Baliol during minority of Alexander III, King of Scots.
117. iv William Baliol "le Scot".

107. GILBERT DE CLARE b. ca 1180, occupation Earl Gloucester/Hertford, m. 9 Oct 1217, Isabel Marshall, b. 9 Oct 1200, Pembroke Castle, (daughter of William Mareschal and Isabel de Clare) d. 17 Jan 1239/40, Berkhamstead, Hertsfordshire, England. GILBERT died 25 Oct 1230, Penrose, Brittany, MAGNA CARTA SURETY. Complete Peerage Vol V p 694
118. i Richard de Clare b. 4 Aug 1222.

108. Robert de Quincy occupation Crusader, m. Hawise de Kevelioc, occupation Countess of Lincoln. Robert died 1217.
119. i Margaret de Quincy b. 1208.

109. Hawise de Quincy b. c 1184, of Winchester, Hampshire, England, m. aft 11 Feb 1222, Hugh de Vere, b. c 1184/1210, Hatfield, Essex, England, (son of ROBERT DE VERE and Isabel de Bolbec) occupation 4th Earl of Oxford, d. 23 Dec 1261, Hereditary Master Chamberlain of England. Hawise died 11 Feb 1223.
120. i Robert II de Vere b. 1230/40.

110. Robert de Quincey m. Hawise Keveliok.
i Margaret de Quincey.

111. ROBERT DE VERE b. c aft 1164, occupation 3rd Earl of Oxford, m. Isabel de Bolbec, b. c 1164, of Hatfield, Essex, England, (daughter of Hugh II de Bolbec and --- ---) d. 1245/1248, buried: Oxford, Englaand. ROBERT died pre 25 Oct 1221, buried: Colne, Essex, England, Magna Carta Sur, Lord Chamberlain of England.
121. i Hugh de Vere b. c 1184/1210.

112. Sir ROGER II BIGOD b. c 1145/50, of Norfolk and Suffolk, England, occupation 2nd Earl of Norfolk, m. (Ida) Isabella. Sir died Aug 1221, eldest son, Magna Carta Baron. summoned to Parliment as a Baron in 1177; High Steward of England under King Richard I (1193); Chief Judge in King's Court 1195-1202
122. i HUGH BIGOD.

113. Marguerite de Turenne b. c 1125, of France, m. William IV Taillefer Count of Angouleme, b. c 1134, Angouleme, France, (son of Wougrin II Taillefer and Poncia de la Marche de Montgomery) d. 7 Aug 1179, Mesina. Children:
123. i Aymer II de Valence Taillefer b. c 1160.

114. Edward I, King of England b. 17 June 1239, Westminister palace, England, occupation King of England 1272-1307, m. (1) 18 Oct 1254, in Las Huelgas, Burgos, Castile, Spain, Eleanor of Castile, b. ca 1244/45, Castile, Spain, (daughter of St. Ferdinand III and Joana de Dammartin) d. 24 Nov 1290, Hardeby, Lincolnshire, England, buried: body is, Westminister Abbey, England, viscera is, Angel Choir, Lincoln cathedral, England, and unknown mistress, m. 8 Sept 1299, in Canterbury, Kent, England, Marguerite of France, b. 1282, d. 1318. Edward died 7 July 1307, Burgh on the Sands, near Carlisle, buried: Abbey, Westminister, England.
Children by Eleanor of Castile:
i Eleanor Plantagenet b. 17 June 1264, Windsor castle, England, d. 12 Oct 1297/98, Ghent, buried: Westminister, England, md 2 times, 1 Alphonso; 2. Henry Count of Bar le Dux.
ii Joan Plantagenet b. ca 1265, d. ante 7 Sep 1265, buried: Westminister, England.
iii John Plantagenet b. 10 July 1266, Winchester or Windsor, England, d. 1 Aug 1272/71, Westminister palace, England, buried: Westminister Abbey, England, illness, not married.
iv Julian (or Katherine) Plantagenet b. 1271, Holy Land, d. 5 Sept 1271, Holy Land.
124. v Joan of Acre Plantagenet b. ca Spring 1272.
vi Alphonso Plantagenet b. 24 Nov 1273, Bayonne or Maine, France, occupation Earl of Chester, d. 19 Aug 1284, Windsor castle, England, buried: Westminister, England.
vii Margaret Plantagenet b. 11 Sept 1275, Windsor castle, England, d. 1318, Brussels, buried: St Gudule, Collegiate church, Brussels, md 9 July 1290, to John II Duke of Brabant, had issue.
viii Henry Plantagenet b. 13 July 1268/67, Guildfud castle, Chalk Downs, England, d. 14 Oct 1274, Merton, Surrey, England, buried: Westminster Abbey, England, not married.
ix Berengaria (Berniece) Plantagenet b. 1276, Kennington palace, England, d. 1279?, buried: Westminister Abbey, England. 3 Edwards by Costain p. 16
x Mary Plantagenet b. 11 Mar 1278, Windsor castle, England, occupation became a nun 1284, d. 1332/33, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England, buried: convent, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England.
xi Alice Plantagenet b. 12 Mar 1279, Woodstock, Oxon, England, d. 1291. 125.
xii Edward II King of England b. 25 Apr 1284.
xiii Beatrice Plantagenet b. ca 1286, Aquitaine, France, d. infancy 1286.
xiv Blanche Plantagenet b. 1290, d. 1290.
126. xv Elizabeth Plantagenet b. 7 Aug 1292.
Children by unknown mistress:
xvi John de Botetourte occupation Lord Botetourte.
Children by Marguerite of France:
127. xvii Thomas of Brotherton Plantagenet b. 1 June 1300/01.
xviii Edmund of Woodstock Plantagenet b. 5 Aug 1301, Woodstock, England, occupation Earl York, d. 19 Mar 1329/30, Winchester, England, buried: beheaded, Church of Friars Minors, Winchester, Eng.
xix Eleanor Plantagenet b. 4 May 1306, Winchester, England, d. 1311, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England, buried: Beaulieu, Hants, or Westminister, Eng.

115. William de Montacute b. c 1210, England, m. Bertha ---. William died 1270.
128. i Simon Montacute b. c 1240.

Seventeenth Generation

116. William de Beauchamp b. 1237, of Elmley Castle, Worchester, England, occupation 6th Baron Beauchamp, m. pre 1270, Maud Fitz John (Fitz Geoffrey), b. c 1244/50, of Bernard Castle, Warwickshire, England, (daughter of Sir John Fitz Geoffrey and Isabel le Bigod) d. c 18 Apr 1301, buried: 7 May 1301, Grey Friars, Worchester, England, widow of Sir, Gerard de Furnivalle, Lord Hallamshire. William died June 1298, Elmley Castle, Worchester, England, buried: 22 June 1298.
129. i Guy de Beauchamp.
130. ii Isabel de Beauchamp.

117. William Baliol "le Scot" m. ___ ___. William died 1313, buried: Monastery of Whitefriars Observance in, Canterbury, Kent, England. Clerk to the Chancery to his brother, Alexander who was Chamberlain of Scot. Held land in Rape of Hastings. He dropped the surname Baliol in later life.
131. i John le Scot.

118. Richard de Clare b. 4 Aug 1222, occupation Earl Gloucester/Hertford, m. 1237/38, Maud de Lacy, (daughter of JOHN DE LACY and Margaret de Quincy) d. 1288/89, dau. of John de Lacy & Margaret deQuincy. Richard died 15 July 1262, Ashenfield. Complete Peerage Vol V p 696
132. i Gilbert "the Red Earl" de Clare b. 2 Sept 1243.
133. ii Thomas de Clare.

|119. Margaret de Quincy b. 1208, m. pre 21 Jun 1221, JOHN DE LACY, b. 1192, Chester, England, occupation Earl of Lincoln, d. 22 July 1240, buried: Cistercian Abbey, Stanlaw, Chester, Eng, Constable of Chester; MAGNA CARTA BARON. Margaret died 30 Mar 1266, Clerkenwell, England. JOHN: Complete Peerage Vol VII p 675 Children:
134. i Maud de Lacy.

120. Robert II de Vere b. 1230/40, of Hedingham, Essex; Oxford, England, occupation 5th Earl of Oxford, m. by 22 Feb 1252, Alice de Sanford, b. c 1230, Herefordshire, England, (daughter of Gilbert de Sanford and Lora la Zouche) d. 1285/1317, near Dunmon, England. Robert died by 22 Sep 1296, M.P. Hedingham, Essex, Eng 1283, 1295-96. Alice: name also spelled Saunford
135. i Joan de Vere b. c 1264.

121. Hugh de Vere (See marriage to number 109.)

122. HUGH BIGOD occupation 3rd Earl of Norfolk 1221, m. 1207, Maud Marshall, b. c 1192, of Pembroke, Pembroke, Wales, d. 27 Mar 1248. HUGH died aft 11 Feb 1224, Magna Carta Baron 1215.
136. i Isabel le Bigod.
137. ii Hugh Bigod.

123. Aymer II de Valence Taillefer b. c 1160, Angouleme, Aquitaine, France, occupation Count of Angouleme, m. Apr 1180, Alice (Adelaide) de Courtenay, b. c 1160, Courtenay, (daughter of Pierre, Prince of France and Elizabeth de Courtenay) d. 1218. Aymer died 16 Jun 1202/18.
138. i Isabel de Talliefer d'Angouleme b. ca 1184/88.

124. Joan of Acre Plantagenet b. ca Spring 1272, Acre, (Holy Land), Palestine, m. (1) 2 May 1290, in Westminister Abbey, England, Gilbert "the Red Earl" de Clare, b. 2 Sept 1243, Christ Church, Hamps (Hants), England, (son of Richard de Clare and Maud de Lacy) occupation Earl Gloucester/Hertford, d. 7 Dec 1295, Monmouth castle, buried: Tewkesbury Abbey,
m. (2) 1297, Sir Ralph de Monthermer, b. 1262, occupation Earl of Gloucester, d. 5 Apr 1325, 1st Lord Monthermer. Joan died 23 Apr 1307, Clare, Suffolk, England, buried: Clare Priory, Austin Friar's Church, Clare, Suffolk. Complete Peerage Vol V p 702 Gilbert: Complete Peerage Vol V p. 702; The Magna Charta Surieties 1215 by Weis; Dorm- ant and Extinct Peerages 1883 by Burke p. 628; Magna Charta by Wurts p. 70 Sir: Keeper of Cardiff Castle; fought at Bannockburn, 1314
Children by Gilbert "the Red Earl" de Clare:
139. i Eleanor (Alianore) de Clare b. Oct 1292.
140. ii Margaret de Clare.
141. iii Elizabeth de Clare.
iv Gilbert de Clare b. ca 1290/91, occupation Earl of Gloucester, d. 24 June 1314, killed near Stryvelin (Bannackburn), md Matilda de Burgh; Knight of the Bath.
Children by Sir Ralph de Monthermer:
v Edward de Monthermer d. alive Apr 1337.
142. vi Thomas de Monthermer b. 4 Oct 1301.

125. Edward II King of England b. 25 Apr 1284, Caernarvon castle, Gwynedd, Wales, occupation King of England 1307-1327, m. Isabella of France. Edward died 21 Sept 1327, Berkley castle, Gloucestershire, England, buried: Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England, murdered.
143. i Edward III, King of England b. 13 Nov 1312.

126. Elizabeth Plantagenet b. 7 Aug 1292, Rhuddlan castle, Wales, m. (1) John of Holland, m. (2) 14 Nov 1302, Humphrey de Bohun VIII, b. c 1276, occupation Earl of Essex & Herford, d. 16 Mar 1321/22, slain at Boroughbridge, Lord high Constable of England. Elizabeth died 5 May 1316, buried: Walden Priory, Essex, England.
Children by Humphrey de Bohun VIII:
i William de Bohun, K.G. b. 1310/1312, d. Sept 1360.
ii Margaret de Bohun d. 1391.
144. iii Eleanor de Bohun.

127. Thomas of Brotherton Plantagenet b. 1 June 1300/01, Caywood castle, Brotherton, Yorks, Eng, occupation Earl Norfork; Marshall, m. Alice de Halys. Thomas died ca Aug 1338, buried: Bury St Edmonds, Kent, England, md 2 times, 1 Alice de Halys; 2 Mary Ros de Broise.
145. i Margaret Plantagenent.

128. Simon Montacute b. c 1240, England, m. Aufric (Hawise de St Amand).
146. i William Montacute b. c 1265.

Eighteenth Generation

129. Guy de Beauchamp occupation 2nd Earl Warwick, m. Alice de Toni, (daughter of Ralph de Toni and unknown) d. 1 Jan 1324/25, widow of:, Thomas Leyburne. Guy died Aug 1315, Warwick.
147. i Maude de Beauchamp.

130. Isabel de Beauchamp m. (1) pre 8 Nov 1286, Sir Hugh 3 le Despencer, b. 1 Mar 1260/61, (son of Sir Hugh 2 le Despencer and Alina Basset) occupation Earl of Winchester 1322, d. 27 Oct 1326, hanged in Bristol, England, buried: head was sent to Winchester, England, 2nd Baron Lord Despencer 1265-1326, m. (2) Patrick de Chaworth, (son of Patrick de Chaworth and --- -----) occupation Lord of Kidwelley, Wales, d. by 7 Jul 1283. Isabel died 1306.
Children by Sir Hugh 3 le Despencer:
148. i Hugh the younger le Despenser b. ca 1290 (1286).
Children by Patrick de Chaworth:
149. ii Maude Chaworth.

131. John le Scot m. N. N. John died c 1348.
150. i Sir William Scot.

132. Gilbert "the Red Earl" de Clare (See marriage to number 124.)

133. Thomas de Clare m. Julian FitzMaurice.
151. i Thomas de Clare.

134. Maud de Lacy (See marriage to number 118.)

135. Joan de Vere b. c 1264, of Oxford, Suffolk, England, m. 1283/85, Sir William V de Warrenne, b. 1256/60, Warren, Sussex, England, (son of John I de Warenne and Alice de Lusignan) d. 15 Dec 1286, killed in tournament-Croydon, Surrey. Joan died 21 Nov 1293, buried: Lewes, Sussex, England.
152. i Alice de Warenne b. c 1285/87.

136. Isabel le Bigod m. (1) Gilbert de Lacy, (son of Walter de Lacy and Margaret de Braose St Hillary) d. 1230, of Ewyas Lacy, Trim and Weoberley, m. (2) aft 1230, Sir John Fitz Geoffrey, b. of Shere & Shalford, Surrey, Essex, occupation Justiciar of Ireland 1256, d. 23 Nov 1258. Isabel widow of:, Gilbert de Lacy, of Ewayas, Hereford co. Children by Gilbert de Lacy:
153. i Maude de Lacy.
Children by Sir John Fitz Geoffrey:
154. ii Maud Fitz John (Fitz Geoffrey) b. c 1244/50.

137. Hugh Bigod occupation Chief Justice of England, m. (1) Joanna Burnet, m. (2) Joan de Stuteville. Hugh died Nov 1266.
Children by Joan de Stuteville:
i Roger Bigod.
ii John Bigod b. by 1266, d. 1306.

138. Isabel de Talliefer d'Angouleme b. ca 1184/88, Angouleme, Anguomois, Western France, m. (1) #2 24 Aug 1200, John "Lackland", King of England, (See marriage to number 92) m. (2) c 1220/25, Hugh X (le Brun) de Lusignan, b. c 1183, Lusignan, Vienne, France, d. 1249. Isabel died 31 May 1246, secret room at Fontevrault Abbey; hiding, buried: monastery, Fontevrault Abbey, M-Loire, France, 5 children. John: Birth of Britian by Churchill p. 259; The Magna Charta Surities 1215 by Weis
Children by John "Lackland", King of England: (See marriage to number 92)
Children by Hugh X (le Brun) de Lusignan:
155. vi Alice de Lusignan b. c 1224.

139. Eleanor (Alianore) de Clare b. Oct 1292, Caerphilly castle, Glamorgan, Scotland, m. (1) ca 1306/09, in Westminister, England, Hugh the younger le Despenser, b. ca 1290 (1286), (son of Sir Hugh 3 le Despencer and Isabel de Beauchamp) occupation Knight; Lord Despencer, d. 29 Nov 1326, hung & quartered Hereford Co., England, buried: Tewkesbury, MP 1314 - 1325; Earl of Winchester, m. (2) William la Zouche de Mortimer. Eleanor died ca 30 June 1327, (1337?).
Children by Hugh the younger le Despenser:
156. i Isabel (Philippa) Despenser b. ca 1312.
ii Hugh de Despenser occupation Soldier; MP 1338 - 1349, d. 1349, md Eliz., widow of Giles Baddlesmere.
iii Edward Despenser d. 30 Sept 1342, killed in battle of Morlaix, md in Groby, Anne de Ferrers 20 Apr 1335.
iv Gilbert Despenser d. of Melton Mowbray.
v Phillip Despenser d. 1313, md Margaret Gousell.
vi Elizabeth Despenser d. 13 July 1389, md Aug 1338, Maurice, Lord Berkeley b. 1330, d. 1368.

140. Margaret de Clare m. (1) Piers de Gavaston, occupation Earl of Cornwall, m. (2) 28 Apr 1317, Hugh de Audley, occupation Earl of Gloucester, d. 10 Nov 1347. Margaret died 9 Apr 1342, widow of Piers, de Gavaston, Earl of Cornwall.
Children by Hugh de Audley:
i Margaret de Audley md ca 1335/36, Ralph de Stafford, Earl of Stafford.

141. Elizabeth de Clare m. 3 Feb 1315/16, Theobald de Verdon, occupation 2nd Baron Verdon, d. 27 July 1316. Elizabeth died 4 Nov 1360.
Children: i Isabel Verdon b. 21 Mar 1316/17, posthumously, d. 25 July 1349, only dau by Eliz de Clare.

142. Thomas de Monthermer b. 4 Oct 1301, occupation Knighted 1327, m. Margaret ---, d. 1349, prob. widow of Henry de Teyes. Thomas died 24 June 1340, killed in battle of Sluys, md Margaret Tyeys?. 2nd Lord Monthermer Children:
i Margaret de Monthermer b. 1329, d. 1395. Baroness Monthermer, heiress of Stokenham, Devonshire, Eng.

143. Edward III, King of England b. 13 Nov 1312, Windsor, England, occupation King of England 1327-1377, m. 24 Jan 1328, in York, England, Philippa of Hainaut, b. 24 June 1311, occupation Queen of England, d. 15 Aug 1369. Edward died 21 June 1377, Richmond, England.
157. i John of Gaunt b. Mar 1340.
158. ii Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence.

144. Eleanor de Bohun m. 1327, James (le Boteler) Butler, b. 1305, occupation 1st Earl of Ormond 1328, d. 6 Jan 1337/38. Eleanor died 7 Oct 1363.
i James Butler b. 4 Oct 1331, occupation 2nd Earl of Ormond, d. 1382.

145. Margaret Plantagenent m. 1337/38, John de Segrave, b. ca 1315, (son of Stephen (John?) de Segrave and Alice Fitz Alan) occupation 3rd baron Segrave, d. ca 1353.
Children: 159. i Elizabeth de Segrave b. 25 Oct 1338.

146. William Montacute b. c 1265, Salisbury, m. 1292, Elizabeth Montfort, b. c 1270, of Beaudesert, Warwicks., England, d. 1345. William died 18 Oct 1319/20.
160. i William de (Montagu) Montacute b. 1301.

Nineteenth Generation

147. Maude de Beauchamp m. Geoffrey de Say, 2nd Baron Say, occupation Admiral of King's Fleet, d. 26 June 1359, Knight - Banneret. Maude died 1369.
i Idonea de Say d. ca 1384, md. to Sir John de Clinton.

148. Hugh the younger le Despenser (See marriage to number 139.)

149. Maude Chaworth m. Henry Plantagenet de Lancaster, occupation Earl of Lancaster.
161. i Joan (Jane) Plantagenet.

150. Sir William Scot b. of Brabourne, Kent, Eng, occupation Chief Justice of England, m. N. N.. Sir died 1350, buried: Brabourne, Kent, Eng, Knight Marshal of England.
162. i Michael Scot.

151. Thomas de Clare m. --- ---.
163. i Maud de Clare.

152. Alice de Warenne b. c 1285/87, of Arundel, Sussex, England, m. 1305, Sir Edmund Fitz Alan, b. 1 May 1285, Marlbourough Castle, Sussex, England, (son of Sir Richard Fitz Alan and Alasia di Saluzzo) occupation 8th Earl of Arundel, d. 17 Nov 1326, beheaded at Hereford, Hertsford, England, Chief Justice of N & S Wales in 1323. Alice died by 23 May 1338. sister of John de Warenne, 8th and last Earl of Warren & Surrey who d. 1347 Sir: Complete Peerage Vol I p 241-2
164. i Sir Richard "Copped Hat" Fitz Alan b. ca 1306/13.
165. ii Alice Fitz Alan.

153. Maude de Lacy m. Geoffrey de Geneville.
166. i Peter de Geneville.

154. Maud Fitz John (Fitz Geoffrey) b. c 1244/50, of Bernard Castle, Warwickshire, England, m. (1) Gerard de Furnivalle, b. of Sheffield, Co. York, d. pre Oct 1261, m. (2) pre 1270, William de Beauchamp, (See marriage to number 116). Maud died c 18 Apr 1301, buried: 7 May 1301, Grey Friars, Worchester, England, widow of Sir, Gerard de Furnivalle, Lord Hallamshire.
Children by William de Beauchamp: (See marriage to number 116).

155. Alice de Lusignan b. c 1224, Vienne: of Lusignan, France, m. Aug 1247, John I de Warenne, b. 1231, of Warren, Sussex, England, (son of William IV de Warenne and Maud Marshall) d. 27 Sep 1304, Kennington, England. Alice died 1255/90, Warren, Sussex, England.
167. i Sir William V de Warrenne b. 1256/60.

156. Isabel (Philippa) Despenser b. ca 1312, m. 9 Feb 1320/1, in Kings Chapel, Havering-atte-Bower, annulled 4 Dec 1344, Sir Richard "Copped Hat" Fitz Alan, b. ca 1306/13, Arundel, Sussex, England, (son of Sir Edmund Fitz Alan and Alice de Warenne) occupation 9th Earl Arundel, Warenne, d. 24 Jan 1375, Arundel, West Sussex, buried: FitzAlan Chapel, Arundel, west Sussex, England (Lewes?), "Copped Hat", Knight of the Garter, Earl of Surrey. Isabel died ca 1372. Sir: THE MAGNA CHARTA SURETIES, 1215, 4th ed. by Weis; Complete Peerage Vol I p.242 Complete Peerage Vol 10 p. 236 note a (correction of CP Vol 1 p. 244 note b).
168. i Sir Edmund Fitz Alan.
ii Isabel Fitz Alan d. 29 Aug 1396.

157. John of Gaunt b. Mar 1340, Ghent, occupation Earl of Lancaster, m. (1) 19 May 1359, Blanche of Lancaster, d. 31 Sept 1369, m. (2) June 1371, Constance of Castile, d. June 1394, m. (3) Jan 1396/97, Catherine (Roet) Swynford, b. 1350, d. 10 May 1403. John died Feb 1399, Leicester Castle.
Children by Catherine (Roet) Swynford:
i John Beaufort b. c 1370/72, occupation Earl and Marquis Somerset, d. 16 Mar 1409/10.

158. Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence m. Elizabeth de Burgh.
169. i Philippa Plantagenet.

159. Elizabeth de Segrave b. 25 Oct 1338, ? Croxton Abbey ?, m. ca 1349, John de Mowbray, b. 25 Jun 1340, (son of John de Mowbray and Joan (Jane) Plantagenet) occupation 4th Baron; Crusader, d. 19 Oct 1368, Thrace. Elizabeth died 1368? 1376?
170. i Eleanor (Margaret?) de Mowbray.
171. ii Thomas de Mowbray b. 22 Mar 1365/66.

160. William de (Montagu) Montacute b. 1301, occupation Earl of Salisbury, m. 1327, Catherine de Grandison, b. c 1304, Ashford, Hertfordshire, England, (daughter of William de Grandison and Sybil Tregoz) d. 23 Nov 1349, Bisham, Berks., England. William died 30 Jan 1343/4, Windsor, England.
172. i Sibyl (Montagu) Montacute.

Twentieth Generation

161. Joan (Jane) Plantagenet m. John de Mowbray, b. 1310, (son of John de Mowbray and Aliva (Aline) de Braose) occupation 3rd Baron, d. 1361.
173. i John de Mowbray b. 25 Jun 1340.

162. Michael Scot b. of Brabourne, Kent, Eng, m. Emma ---. Michael died c 1361, buried: Brabourne, Kent, Eng. 1332 at the battle of Dupplyn when his cousin Edw. Baliol was crowned King of Scotland - taken prisoner 1332 at battle of Dursene when Edw. lost the throne to Robert le Bruce.

174. i William Scot.

163. Maud de Clare m. Robert de Clifford.
175. i Roger de Clifford b. 1333.

164. Sir Richard "Copped Hat" Fitz Alan b. ca 1306/13, Arundel, Sussex, England, occupation 9th Earl Arundel, Warenne, m. (1) 9 Feb 1320/1, in Kings Chapel, Havering-atte-Bower, annulled 4 Dec 1344, annulled 1344, Isabel (Philippa) Despenser, (See marriage to number 156) m. (2) 5 Feb 1344/5, Eleanor Plantagenet, d. 11 Jan 1372. Sir died 24 Jan 1375, Arundel, West Sussex, buried: FitzAlan Chapel, Arundel, west Sussex, England (Lewes?), "Copped Hat", Knight of the Garter, Earl of Surrey. THE MAGNA CHARTA SURETIES, 1215, 4th ed. by Weis; Complete Peerage Vol I p.242 Complete Peerage Vol 10 p. 236 note a (correction of CP Vol 1 p. 244 note b).
Children by Isabel (Philippa) Despenser: (See marriage to number 156)

165. Alice Fitz Alan m. Stephen (John?) de Segrave, d. 18 Ed II.
176. i John de Segrave b. ca 1315.

166. Peter de Geneville m. Joan le Brun de Lusignan.
177. i Joan de Geneville b. 2 Feb 1285/86.

167. Sir William V de Warrenne (See marriage to number 135.)

168. Sir Edmund Fitz Alan m. pre July 1349, Sibyl (Montagu) Montacute, (daughter of William de (Montagu) Montacute and Catherine de Grandison). Sir died living 1377, 2nd son. Complete Peerage Vol I p. 244 note b corrected by Complete Peerage Vol X page 236 note a
178. i Philippa Fitz Alan.
ii Alice Fitz Alan md. Sir Leonard Carew.

169. Philippa Plantagenet m. Edmund Mortimer, occupation 3rd Earl of March.
179. i Elizabeth Mortimer.

170. Eleanor (Margaret?) de Mowbray m. John de Wells, (son of John de Wells and Maud Roos).
180. i Anne Welles.

171. Thomas de Mowbray b. 22 Mar 1365/66, occupation Duke of Norfolk 1397, m. Elizabeth Fitz Alan, b. ca 1366, d. 8 Jul 1425. Thomas died 22 Sep 1399, Venice. Knight of the Garter; Lord Mowbray, Segrave and Stourton; created Earl of Nottingham 1383; Earl Marshall of England 1384, Duke of Norfolk 1397
181. i Margaret de Mowbray b. c 1390.

172. Sibyl (Montagu) Montacute (See marriage to number 168.)

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