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Hi! My name is Annie, aka: icemom, my daughter's name is Cassi, aka: icekid.She is a figure skater and I the taxi to the rink hence the name's icemom and icekid. *L* I am a Certified Novell Administrator.......I'm workin' on being the CNAFH (Certified Novell Administrator From Hell)! Like to view my resume? Annie's Resume We live with, or should I say they let us live with them: 3 Samoyed's. They are Snoopy, age 8 years, rescued from the SPCA.Nala, age 3 years bought from a breeder. Simba, age 1 year, also bought from a breeder. View Simba's pedigree. Can you kind of guess what one of our favorite movies is? HINT: see the dogs names!!

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Here's my favorite links:
Webrings I belong to
My Soulmate and Best On Line Friend
My Holland trip
Look here for my ICQ friends
Check out my hobbies page....I'm such a tomboy....LOL
One of my favorite songs
Ode to a Girl Scout Leader
Salt Lake City Olympics (see you there)
United States Figure Skating Association(where my daughter is a member)
Girls Scouts of the U.S.A.
Get information about your favorite breed
Samoyed Club of America
Ohio Samoyed Rescue (where you can find rescue information)
Homepage of the Samoyed dog
Samoyed Rescue

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