"Our Little Angel"

Happy Valentine's Day...In Loving Memory of Our Daughter~We Love You Sweetheart !!!


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Jessica was a healthy, happy, beautiful child.

Born on January 4, 1994 in Atlantic City Medical Center.

She weighed a healthy 8-lbs. 2 oz.

God took her to heaven on May 3, 1998.

A terrible accident that should not have happened!

We miss her so much!

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Jessica was born on January 4, 1994, her Grandma Jeani's Birthday and two weeks before her Sister Kirsten's 9th birthday. Kirsten was the proudest big sister ever! She waited 9 years to be a big sister and was so happy when we told her the baby was a girl. They instantly bonded and you would have thought it was her baby!!
When the Doctor delivered her we could immediately see the resemblance in her. It was like we gave birth to Kirsten (again!). She had the same round head (no neck) and long fingers. She was so easy to spot in the Nursery! Everyone said that Jessica and her sister could be TWINS born 9 years apart.
But for as much as they looked alike, they had totally different personalities! Kirsten was such an outgoing child. She never slept through the night and she was such a good eater. Jessica was completely opposite. She slept through the night from the day we brought her home. I couldn't sleep though because I was always checking her to see if she was breathing O.K.!! We also found out that as soon as she could focus, She didn't want anyone but US! Finding a babysitter was impossible because as soon as she saw there face she began to cry and it didn't stop until we came home. Eventually we had to shift our work schedules so one of us could be home with her all the time. With us she was the perfect angel, always smiling, cooing, and quiet.
From the day we brought her home, our Golden Retriever, Coty slept next to her bed. He was so protective of her! When she learned to walk he would always be beside her. She would grab on to his fur and use him for balance. Coty is Jessica's dog. This behavior never changed. As she grew they became great playmates. She could dress him up and he would sit there so still, looking very silly! I know he is still looking for her.
Her shyness never really wore off either. I remember a time when she was almost 3yrs. old and we were in the supermarket (or as Jessie would say "The Marketshop") a lady approached her and said "My aren't you a pretty little girl!" and Jessica made the meanest face she could conjure up and replied, " I can't like you!! Go away!! " I was shocked and yet it was sooo funny! She just didn't care for strangers! Once she got used to you though, she was your best friend. She was such a love bug, always full of hugs and kisses. She reminded us through out the day how much she loved us. She would stretch out her arms as far as she could reach and say, " I love you this much".
Jessica loved to watch Disney movies. She knew all the works. Her favorite shows on TV were the Rugrats, Blue's Clue's, Little Bear, The comfy Couch, and Authur. She was also quite an artist! I'm not sure that there is anything left in my house that doesn't have her mark on it! She loved to draw pictures for us. She would give them as gifts or sometimes she would stuff them in an envelope tape it shut and say that it was mail. One time I asked her to read it to me. She said, " It says I LOVE YOU!! ". All of her pictures looked the same. They all resembled angels. Some had long hair and some short hair but she said that they were us.
Jessica started Nursery school in September 97'. We were more nervous than she was. Her class was only 2 hrs. a day. She made friends really quickly. She loved to be with other kids and eventually those teachers grew on her!!!!! We were surprised at how quickly she learned her letters, numbers and colors and she was so proud to be going to school like her big sister Kirsten. Everyday she would come home with a different project that she made in class. I am so thankful that I saved them all in rubbermaid containers. Jessica loved her school and her teachers. The day of her funeral, they closed the school so that parents and teachers could be there. We were really so surprised at the outpouring of support that we received from so many. Jessica touched so many people in her short life. At her school they started a memorial fund in her name to help kids who can't afford to go to nursery school!!
Jessica loved to play dress up. She could always be caught switching outfits. She could wake up in her pajamas, get dressed for school, than come home and put on a bathing suit or leotard (even in January). Then we would ask her to put her clothes back on because it was cold, so she would come back with a dress on over top of her bathing suit! We couldn't help but laugh at her combinations of clothing. I am sure she would have grown up to be a fashion designer or runway model.
She also loved to sing and dance. She would often change the words around and make up her own music. That's where we get the name" Kikidoodle", She didn't like the way "yankeedoodle" sounded!!!! In October of 97, we signed her up for dance lessons. She really enjoyed them and I was surprised at the
level of concentration that she had. I thought she was the best dancer in her group! I loved to watch her facial expressions as she tried so hard to " shuffle step" and " pliat "!! As much as she loved to dance in class, she did not have any interest in performing for strangers! She wanted nothing to do with the big dance recital and we never would have pushed her to do it!
I think the only times we have ever had difficulty with her was at mealtime. She was such a picky eater! Her favorite foods were hot dogs, spinach, broccoli, shrimp, and anything sweet!! Once, when she slept over her Aunt Vickie's house, she told me that she had tried to feed Jessica but everything she made, Jessica didn't want. At breakfast, her aunt asked if she wanted eggs. Jess said YES so Vickie cooked them. When they were done, Jess said, " Nah, I don't want them!" This went on and on. Vickie made her 4 different breakfasts and than finally gave up. She definitely had a mind of her own!!
Jessica's is now in heaven with her Aunt Linda and Grandma's and pop-pop's and I know she is up there ordering them around right now. I am not sure how I have made it this far without her but I know I am thankful for the time I have had with her. I could not have imagined my life without her in it and I know that she is still with us now. I know that people say that the pain gets easier in time but I can't imagine how. I do know that as a bereaved parent, if we have made it this far, there is nothing that we can't handle!

Jessica's Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept Jessica's death.
The courage to go on without her,
And the wisdom to make something good come out of it.

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