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We are Kim and Dale
Tailer, Ranger, Allie, Wheezy, Corey, Sara, Emmitt, Scooter, Groucho and the McCoonley's!

We sadly announce the passing of Tally Ho, 13+ year old latest matriarch of Squirrel View, went to the rainbow bridge on 20 November, 2005. Tally Ho was an accomplished hunter of upland birds, waterfowl and raccoons. She was the first Airedale bitch to earn all ATCA hunting titles up through Senior Versatile; she was the second Airedale bitch Master Fur hunter. The "Ho" was also a certified therapy dog and had earned her American CD in obedience. A methodical upland hunter, Ho was referred to as the "Clumberdale" by noted author and dog trainer Mary Nelson. Today, Tally Ho has plenty of coons to tree and pheasants aplenty!

Tally Ho, visiting the south rim of the Grand Canyon, June 1997.

Tally, doing what she loved best, 1995.

Tally, relaxing on her blue couch, 2005.

My last 'walkies' with Ho, November 20, 2005.

Tally Ho, "Sandhill Aireforce Tally Ho, Am CD, TDI, SHV, MHFur", September 26, 1992-November 20, 2005.

Taffy, 15+ year old first matriarch of Squirrel View, went to the rainbow bridge on 21 December, 2002. A rescue who had 5 homes in 4 years, we promised her that ours would be her forever home. Today, she has plenty of squirrels to bark at and thunderstorms never threaten her!

Taffy, Hangin' in the kitchen, November 2002.

Taffy, on the road in Columbus, Ohio, November 1997.

Taffy, "Tamzin Blue Lockhart", August 11, 1987-December 21, 2002.

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