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Black Sheep Farm

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Take a look as the lights come on at the farm

A little homestead in the country

Welcome to our little "Hobby Farm" ( and whoever thought up that term never had one!) On our farm we have 3 horses, 2 sheep, 2 dogs, 1 goat,2 Rabbits, 1 Barn Cat and about 15 chickens. Oh, and of course US, the morgage paying, critter food purchasing,opposible thumb lovin' humans, Lisa, Paul & Nichole.

We enjoy riding, fishing, bird watching,boating and gardening. We also make custom horse gifts and crafts and run an event called "Dumb Horse Games".

So thanks for stopping in, and why not go & visit some of our links? Click on "The Horses of Black Sheep Farm" below to read about some of our equines, or check out the dogs!

Take a walk around the Farm! Or trot thru our many webring links!

This is my other site.
If you are an animal lover, please visit it!

The Horses of Black Sheep Farm

The Horses as Art

Stolen Horses
Help bring them home!

The Dogs of Black Sheep Farm

Farm Dogs! (The Band)

The Sheep of Black Sheep Farm

The Chickens of Black Sheep Farm

Nicks Refridgerator Art

Maine East 20 Year Reunion
Wanna see some really scary pictures?

Links to other sites on the Web

Farm Dogs !

In Paradise, the Farm Dogs E-Zine

Ramona's Digital Art Gallery

Bob's Yer Uncle
A great Chicago based band
that my buddy Bill is a member of
a great chairty organization

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Animation Library

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