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Christine McVie - a lady who really lives up to her maiden name! :)

Hi! Welcome to my homepage, dedicated to the one and only Christine McVie. Sure, I like Stevie Nicks (I have a bunch of her albums, too), but since Christine is so underrated, I thought I'd make this homepage just for her. There are probably thousands of Stevie homepages, but I've only seen a few Christine sites. So this page is just to draw some more well-deserved attention to this great songbird!

Last update July 11, 2004

Well, after a looooong hiatus from anything Fleetwood Mac-related (blame it on college graduation, my new job, moving, etc., LOL) I just learned that our Christine has just come out with a new solo album! If you haven't got it already, by all means do so!!! :-)

Christine's official website!

And if you live in the USA (like I do), you don't have to wait until September! You can order the album from Amazon UK now. :-)

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If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, e-mail me at fmfanatic@yahoo.com.

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