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Welcome to my page. This is the "Real Deal" in Neon Performance Pages. This site is linked to my NEW "other" site, Pacific Neon Performance, it's updated offen so check it out. I hope to have a How-To section, reviews and DynoJet results on performance parts up very soon, as time allows. Have you taken your Neon down the 1/4 mile? Then here's your chance to get your five minutes of fame. Click the link for FWD Mopars Drag Page and submit your times either 1/4 or 1/8, mph and mods you have made or not made to your Neon. You can also post your 1/4 mile times for everybody to see Brian's American 4-6 Cylinder Performance Page. I've heard from many Neon owners out there that have installed various performance parts on their cars, so I'm "still" waiting to hear from you. Team Pacific Neon Performance is growing and they will have a full featured page in the next few weeks. You can find out more about them and their Neons by clicking on the Team link below. I'm looking forward to finishing up the season this year as I will be at the final four events of this year. If your on the East Coast then click on the NIRA and ID Drag War links to find out when your next event is. If you have a Neon Page, then please join our web ring FWD Mopars and Shelby Dodge Web Ring. If your Neon site is more in the performance vain, then join The Performance Web Ring. I'm working on a Neon Racing Web Ring that will only feature Neon's Racing, either Drag, Road Racing or Autocross. You can also find me as a member of Southern California Neon Enthusiasts (Member#7) and Neon Enthusiasts of North America (Member#219). If you would like to contact me, just click on my Neon to visit my ICQ Pager! PEACE...

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My '95 Dodge Neon

Brian Hughes' ACR (as of 12/12/98) 14.7@93 ALL MOTOR

Brian's Neon features the GUDE Racing Package which includes: Ported/Polished cylinder head, reground cams, bored throttle body and ported/matched intake manifold. His time was accomplished with Mickey Thompson M/T slicks (20x6x14). His best time on street tires is 15.3@93


Here it is, The New '00 Neon! This is the ES model. It replaces the "Sport" in the Neon line up, for the first year there is no coupe as the current coupe will carry over. There is also no R/T and no DOHC engine (Awwww). But I hear the ACR will come out sometime this summer. The SOHC engine is still rated at 132. Look at the D/C media site by clicking here

Game Hunter's Gran Turismo Site

If any of you have talked to me lately, you know that while I love my Neon to death, I'm STILL playing Gran Turismo and love it! Even after playing on avg. of 2-3 hours at a time. If you want to find out more about GT click on the picture.(This is not a game screen shot, it's from the opening theme of GT and is also running in Hi-Res mode for all your PC lovers that think the Playstation can't cut it...)

Neon Performance Page

My Nitrous Express powered Dodge Neon

Barry's TEC-II powered DOHC Neon

Matt's Nitrous-powered '98 Neon R/T

More info to come...

ReVolt Racing Crew

Team Pacific Neon Performance

FWD Mopars Drag Race Page


All the NEONS and ONE Stratus at Dyno Day

SoCal Neon/Pacific Neon Performance Dyno Day - July 25th

Dyno Day was great! We had alot of fun. I would like to thank all the people that showed up and to SHO Shop for letting us "beat on" their Dynojet. Scott's Turbo Neon(if you haven't seen it, click the turbo neon links above)was just as bad in person as it is on the web. To ride in it, is another story. Talk about fast! My boy Darrell's turbo Civic was quick, but I think it's safe to say that Scott's Neon is faster. UPDATE* Az Neons Fall 98 Performance Weekend is coming. If you would like to join us click on the link below. (click on the Az Neon link)

Pacific Neon Performance

Mopar Performance Online - *Click on Neon*

Bay Area Neon Enthusiasts

Az Neon Enthusiasts

Southern California Neon Enthusiasts

Colorado Neon Enthusiasts

BC Neon Enthusiasts

The First Chrysler Neon page of the Netherlands

Mark's site is one of the only Neon Entusiasts I know of that lives in the Netherlands. Check it out, it's cool (no pun intended)

Arrow Motorsports

SMC Motorsports

American 4-6 Cylinder Performance

Street Creations

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