The Land of Dreams

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What we're all about....

Tennessee Oz is home away from home. A gathering of friends. We live. We love. We laugh. We cry. Oz can be anything you want it to be. It is different to each one of us.

That revolving door to Oz is always swinging. People come and go. We have the Wizard. We have the Rainbow. We have our theme song to welcome you. We have our theme picture to shock you. We have courage. We have hearts. And some of us even have brains.

Membership is easy... only one rule. You must have a first name.

So you've heard about our wonderful wavs in Oz? No, we didn't record them. But we love listening to our favorite artists. Many thanks to the Wizard and the other Ozians for their efforts in compiling this collection.

MANY MANY to download on the next pages. ENJOY!!!!!

The Wizard's Page

The Ozian's Page

The Yellow Brick Road

Emerald City

Not In Kansas Anymore

The Poppy Field



Our Pics

Oz Juke Box

Tennessee Oz Chatroom (AOL ONLY)

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