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This home page is for anyone who is interested in adopting Greyhounds.  It is also for anyone who enjoys having Greyhounds,  and wants to share their stories.  My wife and I have two hounds of our own,  and have fostered many others.  It is always a joy to see them get new loving  homes.

The above photo is Sadie.  She was another foster that found a good home. We have done all of our adoptions thru  the North Carolina chapter of Greyhound Friends.  We also do fostering to help the transition from track life to home life.
Anyone that enjoys animals will enjoy fostering.  The most difficult part of fostering is letting the dogs go to a new home. My wife and I would have a whole herd of hounds if space,  time,  and money allowed it.

There is a small fee for the adoption of greyhounds.  This is often costly as it pays for spay or neuter, all shots, teeth cleaning,  and nail cut back.  The price is aprox $150 to $250 depending on vet fees.  Most vets will perform all care at cost if the animal is a rescue.

     When the hound is first brought home he will need to be taught manners and fattened up.  The greyhound spends its entire life in a small kennel when not out and running.  I encourage all new owners to keep up this tradition.  You will hear it called cruel to do this.  I feel it is cruel to strip the kennel away.  The small box is a source of security to the animal,  and it is best to wean the kennel slowly.  They will not soil the kennels .  This is the start to house breaking your new family member.  When you leave the house,  and at night,  the animal should go into the kennel.  When you arrive home or in the AM you need to let the hound out to do his "thing".  Consistency is best as it sets the routine he will follow.  Leave the kennel door open during the day to allow him to go into the crate when he feels the need .

      When you get your new pet home he will be quite thin.  The rule is that greyhounds are supposed to be thin.   My pets are full bodied beasts.  Jo-Jo is a red fawn male,  and weighs close to 100 pounds.  Clue ,a brindle female,  is closer to 86 pounds. This is quite large for hounds,  but i like a little meat one there bones.  I think they look more like a home pet that way.  

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