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Check it out. If you are new to programming you might like it! Don't forget about my Hot Links on this page. There are a sizzler if you are new to programming!

These are some applications my students have written, source code included. I hope you find them useful. If you do, do drop us an Email. If you have any other comments or would like to submit something useful, please write us.

MC.ZIP 53KB (source and dat file only) NEW This is one of Gracjan's first cool graphic programs. It shows how to use mouse and sound code.
GWIN.ZIP 338KB (source and dat file only) NEW This is another cool graphic program by Gracjan. It shows how to use mouse, sound and graphic code.
BALL.ZIP 70KB This program demonstrates Michael's favorite page flipping and some graphics routines.
CANDLE.ZIP 111KB This is Michael's interpretation of lighting and translucency effects, by Owen Embury.
DING.ZIP 100KB This is a simple program demonstrating how to use mouse and sound routines from the Allegro library.
FLY.ZIP 70KB It is a simple program using double buffering for displaying a randomly flying circle (Michael didn't want to use sprites, because "fly" is just a simple demonstration of random() function for beginners.:)
LINE.ZIP 69KB Draw lines on the screen using your mouse.
LINES.ZIP 69KB This simple program shows how to use random() function. It makes some lines of various colors on the screen.
MICHAEL.ZIP 69KB This is one of Michael's first graphics programs. It shows how to use page flipping in mode X.

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Please drop us a line if you happen to know of any tidbits like the ones above (or tidbytes). We are getting ready for the next school year and hope to have many more examples like these.
Thanks for your help!

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