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Guatemala is a country in which one can experience not only the modern advantages of life, but also the ancient touch of a valued civilization - The Mayan.

In Guatemala City, one can shop around in many of the shopping malls.  Or one can simply take a short trip to Antigua Guatemala and experience the Colonial Era, which will leave you with an impression of having traveled to the past and experience what Colonial Guatemala was all about. Or take a trip to the town of San Lucas, which is a short 20 minutes away and wander through the local market.  We did not have the chance to visit Tikal, but if you do, go for it! You will never forget the experience.  The airfares to Tikal are a real bargain and you will be travelling back in time. 

Or if you decide to take a three hour trip; well, then a trip to Panajachel is in order.  The experience will be better, if one crosses the Lake Atitlan and stays overnight at Santiago,the little town across the lake.  Trust me, you will feel as if you have actually crossed into a different world and when you wake up and take a walk in Santiago, the clouds do actually touch the ground.  Those will be memories that will be forever with you.

Now, if your goal is to shop; well then better watch it.  Make sure you bargain, just as if you were at a flea market, because if you don't, then you will notice the difference in your pocket - BARGAIN IS THE NAME OF THE TRICK!, BUT WITH COMMON SENSE OF COURSE. Also one little extra piece of advice before you head out into the town and start calling your folks and friends on the phone from any location while on your trip, beware of signs that say..."PUSH 3 TO CALL AMERICA" some of these services, while functional, will cost you a lot in the long run. Always ask around before dialing.

Anillo Chapin
Miembro del Anillo Chapin/Member of the Guatemalan Ring
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