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I have dabbled in photography since grade school and recently became involved with pinhole photography purely by accident while surfing through Yahoo!'s photography category. I came across pinhole photography and was fascinated by the visceral/surrealistic quality of the photographs and images. Most people build their own pinhole cameras but you can also buy them as well. The images below were taken with the Robert Rigby 4x5 pinhole camera, Kevin Finney 4x5 Pinhole/Zoneplate camera (pictured above). and a Leica M6 fitted with a Kevin Finney pinhole body cap.

Film used in the 4x5's include Polaroid Type 52, Polapan 72, Polapan Sepia 56, and Polacolor 100. For the Leica, I used Kodak's new B&W + 400, and Konica VX100 color films.

Thanks for visiting - I'll be adding more images over time.

- Ray

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