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Hi there!   Welcome to my home page ... coming to you from the state of Texas, where I currently live. I'm Kim, and this is my page! I hope you enjoy it, it says a lot about who I am, where I've been, and where I am going. For a brief story about my journey, read about me.

I hope that my site becomes a resource.

My focus includes:   Recovery, Daily Living, Tools & Resources, Christian links & Prophetic sites and some fun & helpful links. My link to search engines is a great tool for you to find the “stuff” you are looking for!   It’s all on one page, so go there and check it out! If you have any thoughts or comments, or any links that would be appropriate, please fill out my guest book and put it in the comments! Feel free to email me at:  I'm also a creature of grins & giggles, so you'll find links to the fun and silly here too ... as well as graphic sites & MIDI sites too! I hope that you'll bookmark my page and check out some of my favorite links:

The Eating Disorders Recovery Page

There are thousands of resources for recovery here! Organizations, web sites, treatment centers, articles, chat, message boards and links to hundreds of other pages & sites on the web. If you are looking for Eating Disorder Recovery Resources, this link is for you!

The 12 Step Recovery Page

This huge page includes resources from Alanon, AA, and other 12-Step Groups. There are tons of links here that contain invaluable resources for recovery including some of my personal "favorites":

My Favorite Recovery Tools Page!

This page contains my favorite Prayers in Recovery, including:
There are also great Tools of Recovery, including:

Healing Wings Ministries, Inc. Home Page

A wonderful resource featuring Healing Wings Ministries, Inc. This is a resource page for healing and hope through Jesus Christ constructed by my good friend and roommate, Lara Jane Gangloff. She has included great links to other helpful ministries, as well as many great book resources. This site is a wealth of information for anyone interested in healing ministries, tools for healing, and the hope of healing through Jesus. You can support this ministry by ordering products from On-Line Bookstore through this link.

Christian Ministry Links

This site has tons of links to various ministry sources! I have searched for prophetic ministry links and sites, and am quite wary of many which are out there.

Some which have blessed me are these Cool Christian Sites:

Online Bible Browsers, Commentaries & Studies

These are some of the best Bible “helps” I have found on-line. These links use a variety of searches and study helps including the KJV, NKJ, NIV, NAS Bibles. I love these sites:

The Whyte House

The Power of Cross breaks sin At the Whyte House you will find all kinds of free graphics, animations, gifs, jpg banners, web page backgrounds, JavaScripts, Java applets, ScreenSavers, and some midi's available to anyone. This is an incredible site, and Chris Whyte is one of the most talented graphic artists I’ve stumbled accross on the web. His animated GIF is under my "welcome" title! The Whyte House is a great site to browse in. Chris also has an A.A. Big Book search page site that’s great: The Unofficial A.A. Big Book Search. Go there and be blessed!

HUGE Search Engine Page

This page is a great resource to find whatever you may be looking for. With lots of the top internet search engines listed, plus the top Christian search engines... you’ll find everything you’re looking for. A great page to bookmark! Go there... (I love it!...) Thanks Lara!

First Things First

A perennial link to the entire world of "must knows"... alamacs, magazines, facts & statistics, maps, dictionaries and newspapers from around the world. There's so much in this link, you can spend days here! (I did!)

Disney Tunes!

This is such a kewl site of Disney tunes from all of the major soundtracks. It's really fun, and works with the MIDI sound system. Includes tunes from The Lion King, Aladdin, 101 Dalmations, The Little Mermaid, Pocohontas, Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast, Fantasia, Cinderella, and MORE! I enjoy turning on the tunes while working away on my computer... Have a listen, it's like a walk in the park. (Hence, the above little man and dog...)

I am doing more freelance work from home! If you need any special graphic design work done, just email me with the information and I'll be happy to send you a quote! I am familiar with most desktop publishing applications including: Quark, Pagemaker, Illustrator, Photoshop... and would love the opportunity to help you design your website. Feel free to contact me at: Design by Kim.

I hope you'll enjoy these links. I'll keep adding and modifying them. Soon I hope to have even more links and pages up and going... so, hold on! For now, I'm sure what is here will keep you busy!

Who's been to my home page? Come sign in and leave your mark! Your comments and suggestions are appreciated! And view the guest book to see who else has visited...

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This page was last updated by Kim Higgins, on 8-11-99. (Thanks Lara for all of your patience and encouragement...especially at 2:00 a.m. when I can't quit because I gotta get it "just right"!)

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