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Hey everyone Timothy J. Bartoszek Sr. here, nick-name T-Bone. Ive been hitting the skins for the "Blues Remedy Band"for three years now, haven lots of fun with it! Throughout the years I have played many different styles of music Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop, Swing, and the BLUES. I try to incorporate all these styles i have learned into my playing. I am a rock drummer with a passion for the Blues.

I am a steel worker in "Cleveland, Ohio. I have three beautifull children and the most understanding wife in the world ( you need one of these to be involved in the music industry.)

At the present time Cleveland boasts a wide varity of venues in wich bands, both old-and-established and up-and-coming can play. The future looks bright for live music, but with the increaseing costs of touring, most bands will not tour unless there is a tremendous demand for them. Cleveland, rocks on towards the turn of the new Millennium.

The Blues Remedy Band was formed by drummer Timothy J. Bartoszek and gutiarist Ted Barrows in 1994. From Memphis, Tennesse came Dave" Stu " Green, bringing his bass playing and lead vocal talent to finish off the band. Since that time the band has been able to develop a strong "Power Blues"sound, performing a wide variety of covers as well as original music that is shure to be a cure for your blues!

The band has changed members for 1998-1999 & the name to protect the inocent but rocks on! On bass Jim Nadin steps in with many years of playing and great vocal styling, Jim Jack (FLAP JACK) took over as the front man with blistering guitar and his own personal style of vocals. Ted & Tim (T-BONE) are still making music after many years together dealing with the up's, downs and all arounds,but somehow we survived. The name of this new project is THE REMEDY playing 80's & 90's RoCk with a side dish of the BLUES.

Well it is 1999 the band is still going with yet another new twist Dave"Stu"Green has rejoined the band and is rocking into the new Millennium with THE REMEDY. It is great to have Dave back on the Bass, Dave is a great player with fresh ideas that always flow into his music.

For 2000 the band is back to it's original members T-Bone, Ted & Stu. Playing the blues that influcenced our early songs like WISKEY WOLF, MYSTICAL LADY, A CURE FOR YOUR BLUES and IT'S ALLWAYS SOMTHING. If you enjoy the Hard Edged Blues of BRB, you will surely enjoy the updated sound of the Millennium.

Well 2002 is here and the beat goes on with a new project My Big Spoon with myself on the Drum Kit & Ted on the guitar,new members Kevin Richtor lending his hard edeged blues lead guitar styling, Jerome Ray on the Bass "hey this is one bad ASS Bass player" and Mike Vernon leading the Vocal Department. This page will be updated in the future, just wanted everyone to know the BONE is still rockin.

Well 2004 around the corner a new project at hand OFM-2 The Bone is Back with Stu and a CD project is allmost compleated,Look for updates for the OFM-2 website and where you can purchase the CD. Thanks for the support !

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Sit back, relax, I would like to thank you for droping by. I hope you will enjoy your visit and pick up something you find usefull. It doesn't matter how involved in the industry you are, you might just enjoy listening, well there is something here for all ages to enjoy!

Use this index Pick the location you wish to go from the LIST BELOW, to Return to the INDEX, click on the "Return to Index"at the bottom of the pages or use the back button on your browser, If you have a article you would like to submit please do so, it will be printed in my newsletter, go ahead get started. Rember to Sign my Guestbook so i know you were here! Have Fun !

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