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Official Discography

Smile & Larry Lurex

Larry Lurex

Solo Careers

Freddie Mercury
Mr. Bad Guy
The Great Pretender
The Freddie Mercury Album
Freddie Mercury Remixes
Brian May
Starfleet Project
Back to the Light
Live at the Brixton Academy
Another World
Roger Taylor
Fun in Space
Strange Frontier
Shove It
Mad, bad and dangerous to know
Blue Rock
Electric Fire
Other Roger Songs...

John Deacon
The Inmortals

Other Songs

B-sides & other songs
Queen Covers

Bootleg Discography

All your love Tonight Ballads
Live In Cologne Coverin'
Cry Argentina The Ultimate Dance Collection
Waiting On A Dead Trip Demories Please Majesties
Done Under Pressure Dynasty
King's Favourite In The Beginning
Merry Christmas Flash Freddie
The Freddie Mercury Tribute I'm In Love With Freddie
Golden Ballads Golden Demos
Goodbye Queen In Nuce
Le Fleur Du Mal Queen Live USA
Made In Heaven Bootleg Made In Japan
Live In Montreal A Night At The Court
Noblesse Oblige Queen On Fire
Rocking Osaka In 1982 Queentessence
Ultra Rare Trax The Master Of "Sheetkeeckers"
Killers Let Me Show In
Tokio 1985 The Ultimate Queen Back Catalogue Volume 1
The Ultimate Queen Back Catalogue Volume 2 The Ultimate Rarities Collection
Year Of  The Opera Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse
London 1975 Mr. Sad Guy
The Royal Countdown Zoom
Ghost Of A Smile By Appointment Only

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