Welcome to
The Gothic Graveyard

In a world full of darkness
Sometimes the light is
Hard to find...

Enter into my virtual graveyard, I am Candlelight.
Contained in this site are photos of the final resting places of those gone before us...
This is not a site meant to be morbid or spooky, but rather a site that shows the beauty to be found at cemetaries.
It is a place where you can stop the chaos around you and comtemplate the serenity of death.
So sit back and enjoy...

Check back often as I will be making many changes...
Please take the time to browse the epitath section. Each epitath we read carries a message from the dead,
and like the first one says the dead were once living just like us.
So pay your respect by reading their dying wishes.

Photo Galleries

Photos of angelic gravestones
Photos of cross shaped headstones
Photos of other notable graves
Epitaths that I have found on headstones
Dark poetry that I as well as some of you have written,
and related articles

Take a walk through a cemetary sometime. Afterall it is everyone's final destination,
I think you will find it soothing as well as educational...
Cemetaries are kind of like free tours of a museum. They let us know that life is short.
And that every living moment we have left must be spent to its fullist...

Email me at candlelight@hotmail.com if you have any poetry you would like to share, or just a comment on the page...
Please come back soon and visit me, I am still in the process of moving in, and it will be a while before the site is completed.

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