This page contains original General MIDI compositions of many different styles.
The one you should hear now is called Azalea.
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4 min. 27sec. info

The Charmer
4 min. 35 sec. info

The Speed of Light
5 min. 16 sec. info

4 min. 48 sec. info

5 min. 43 sec. info

5 min. 23 sec. info

The Lair of Pome
5 min. 17 sec. info

Symphony No.1
3 min. 23 sec. info

A Battle Prelude and Overture
7 min. info

The Clown
2 min. info

Anthony Lombardi's MIDIs: Volume 1
(all of these songs in zip format)

The Charmer--
I composed this piece for a trio at Kent State. Strange instrument combination: flute, bassoon, and euphonium. It's really two songs I made into one. It's my first trio, but they seemed to like it. Unfortunately the concert was cancelled so they never did play it (except in practice) :(

My latest piece was composed for a midi-head friend of mine (Diana). It's another orchestral piece, with a nice theme to it, and some interesting counterpoint as well.

The Speed of Light--
A rock/symphonic/techno blend with lots of melodies and lots of instruments. I used the ocarina patch as guitar feedback. Other instuments include accordian, celesta, harp, steel string guitar, and pad 1, which begins playing with the bass in the middle of the song, giving a spacey feel. The sense of speed is captured best in this middle section.

This is a dark orchestral piece featuring lots of instuments--the kind of thing you'll hear in a suspense or horror movie.

This is the first "complete" rock song I sequenced. It features a heavy guitar riff and a unique drum beat, as well as a fast section in the middle. An acoustic guitar plays arpeggios.

Another rock song, but this one's more of a ballad. An acoustic guitar plays a simple chord progression over which the rest of the song builds. This one has a nice electric guitar solo too.

The Lair of Pome--
One of my more experimental pieces. It's a dark, orchestral rock song in 6/4. It also has a nice electic guitar solo.

Symphony No.1--
My first symphonic piece. It has a long, sad melody played by a violin and bassoon, after which the full orchestra comes in.

A Battle Prelude and Overture--
This piece is in two parts. The first part features an oboe that plays a simple line of eigths and quarter notes, over which the low strings play a slow melody. The second section is a fast part that has some interesting counterpoint with strings. These two sections were originaly two separate songs, but I was able to combine them pretty well.

The Clown--
This is the only really happy song I've made so far. It's a circus waltz/march featuring clarinet, accordian, bango, and a little percussion. I actually made it for a music class. I was supposed to make two songs, but my teacher liked it so much I didn't have to do another one.

All of these songs were composed using Cakewalk Professional 5.0.
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