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Welcome to my Knight Rider Fan Fiction website! I have dedicated this site to fan fiction stories from the 80's television show Knight Rider. Many people laugh when I tell them that I am a Knight Rider fan because they say that it was so unrealistic. It's at that point I remind them of the things that KITT had such as mini TVs, digital odometers, and hands free phone systems which are found in almost all our cars today. One thing I believe will not happen is an autopilot system in our cars. Could you imagine cars driving by themselves especially if they have a Windows platform- they'd be crashing all the time!
There are also a few X-men fan fiction stories for anyone who would like to read about the adventures of our super mutants.

Knight Rider on NBC Wednesday nights!

The series is back with a different cast, car, and in some ways storyline. Watch it on NBC Wednesday nights to catch all the action, drama, and sometimes even romance.

After being on Geocities for well over 10 years it's now time for me to say goodbye! I will be moving my site to a new web address www.msknightrider.com. Please update all your bookmarks to my new web address.

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