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Now that I've gotten that outta the way, time for introductions. My name is Jason Wallace. I took over this dump when Polar the PhysAd kicked the bucket. I'm an ex- Star and none too happy about it. I was framed, pure and simple. I don't mind questions, but don't expect any frilly responses. I like the facts, cold, hard, plain, and simple. If you need it, I got it, or know where you can get it. Any questions, send 'em to my secretary; and be nice about it; Graznug may be literate, but he still has the beating capacity of a troll.

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Everything below this line is old stuff. Due to time pressures, i have only been able to accomplish what is linked to above. Please mail me any ideas you have. My next update should be a week from today, on the 7th.

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