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Hello and welcome to my dedication to the greatest video game system in existence! This page is always under constant construction, so bookmark it and check back often!


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Pictures from the games we love (and hate)
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Memories of the NES
My personal tips on where and how to buy NES games
Memoribilia from the NES age
Back in the days when the NES ruled the airwaves
The NES Nation Chatroom
My thoughts on emulation and some other info
A few of the Nintendo Power articles from the past
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Here's a list of my games, info on them, etc. (as if you care)

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You don't think this is the only NES page on the web, do you? Here is a collection of links which I feel are worth checking out. If you feel your site is worthy of being on the Toneman's link list, e-mail me.

tsr's NES Archive- Another highly-respected NES page, maybe even more so than the Nation
The 8-Bit Xtreme Headquarters- A thourough NES page, with quite a few interesting topics.
Spazzoid's NES Stuff- A great site, with plenty o' personality for your tastes!
NES Online- These new NES pages are amazing! Here's another one worth a read!
The NES Triforce- Very cool site, a well-done project
The Nintendo Old Skool- One of the most original and humorous pages I have ever had the privelage of seeing!
The Ogre's Planet: NES- Another highly amusing page about the system that's near and dear to all of our hearts
The NES Enshrined- DiefWolf's very nice page, I look forward to big things from this one!
Kurt Kalata's NES Review Archive- Reviews up the yin-yang! Go now!
The Internet NES Database- Run by Mike Melanson, the brain and brawn behind 8-Bits of Power! Gromit's Nintendo Wasteland- The goodness is so thick here you can cut it with a knife! You should certainly go here if you're looking for an image or logo for your page.
Mystikal's Final Fantasy Page- One of the better sites based on the original blockbuster RPG.
Blazemore's Angelic Rage- An interesting page with all of Blazemore's games (he has almost every system imaginable, mind you), ratings, links, and more!
Mark Moore's Captain N Page- Definately worth seeing if you enjoyed the series or are curious about it.
NES World- The first and largest NES site on the internet

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