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Welcome to the Super Saiyajin DBZ Web Site!!!
Hello and Welcome to Kenji's brand new Dragonball/DBZ site! It has been a helluva long time since I updated, but I'm making some pretty serious changes. First off, for your convenience, I am disbanding from any and all web rings or award sites. This is to improve your loading time. In other words, if you like this site, bookmark it and tell your friends!! Otherwise I will get no hits and this site will die. Thanks!

Secondly, the right-click disable code has been removed in all but this index page. (The writer of the Cell code wanted to keep it a secret.)

Finally, with the all new DragonBall craze, you know I just HAD to fit some DB images in here somewhere! I'm still lookin' though so email me at with your suggestions. Thanks a million and keep chekin' in!

UPDATE: HOLY MONKEY CRAP ON A STICK!! It seems thatso many of you are coming to my site so often and taking files out and stuff that it sometimes exceeds the bandwidth I'm allowed!!! Wow. I don't know what to say. Thank you all for coming to my site so often and I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused by temporary page shutdown. Thanks for your patience. Also, I am looking into buying more space for myself, but it'll cost me money that I don't have right now. Donations are welcome, e-mail me at if you're interested in donating money to me. (Yeah right, like THAT'S gonna happen) But if I do get any donations, all of the proceeds will go to buying and maintaining a domain here. Thanks again for your support...

8/4/2002: Wow. I'm updating the site for the sole reason that I want it to stay up. Don't count on any updates until I get my own damned computer... >.<

Kenji out.

IMAGES - Only the coolest hand picked images. If your Computer is slow or otherwise can't handle all of the thumbnails, CLICK HERE for the text links to the images.
Screenshots- Strangely, there are very few cool screenshots from Cartoon Network, but I'll try my best.

Dragonball Images!!!!! - COMING SOON...

Animated GIFs- A bounty of gifs that I stuck together
My tribute to censorship
Links- Links to several great DBZ sites
Anti-GT- Basically, I gripe about how stupid GT is.
WEB RINGS THAT I AM A MEMBER OF: These are all good rings that have very good sites on them.
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