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My brother and I

This site is moving!

I'm in the process of moving this site to No more updates will be made to this page. I will be deleting this site in September!

Welcome to the House of Lyra, my homepage. I hope you enjoy your visit. This site contains tons of info derived from my personal experiences and adventures. You can find stuff on television, music, writing, witchcraft, travel, and much, much more. If there's something here you can't find, please e-mail me and tell me.

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Who Am I?

Short Summary:I was born on June 13, 1982. I have red/auburn hair, blue eyes, very pale skin; medium height, very skinny. When I was 12 or 13, I had a spinal fusion due to scoliosis, a spinal growth defect. I currently have job as a page at the public library. I'd like to be an actress, author, or musician when I'm older, maybe all three! I like the Internet, music, drawing, photography, television, and pagan religions. I've been studying Witchcraft and Paganism since 1995. If you'd like to see my online profile, take this hyperlink.

*Updated 4/22/99!*

I've changed my personal beliefs page to include my beliefs about Strega.
I will be in England/Scotland from 4/24 until 5/2!
I will be working to put some Strega stuff in my DoTP and other Witchcraft sites as soon as I get back!
I've totally rearranged my links page. Lots more stuff than before!
Please welcome the Domain of the Techno-Pagan, The Halliwell House, and Willow & Amy's Magick Circle! I am moving my Witchtower website to this one so I can have people go to more of my pages. It will also be easier for me to receive mail about my pages this way.
I've updated my anti-pollution site, earthism, and will continually update it.
I've changed the cats page around so it isn't as long. It'll soon be a forum for catlovers.
I've joined a couple webrings. If you came on by a ring and would like to get off, just go down to the bottom of this page and hop back on!

To link your page to my, put the following code onto your page:
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And remove the spaces after the "<" signs.

Me, Michele, & Jen - Xanderathon

Send me mail at
Buffy: by losers, for losers

Two for me, none for you!

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