Liarbyrd's Incredibly True Opinions about Life, The universe, the Vikings and Harrison Ford
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Liarbyrd's Incredibly True Opinions

Introduction Version 3.0

This page was founded six months ago with a variety of purposes in mind. One such mission, with the help of my crime fighting partner, Omouse, was to protect the world against the evils of bad poetry. We've been fairly successful in this goal and have even won an honest to goodness award. Which is very cool, in my opinion.

The second mission was far more complicated as this site was designed to store a wealth of knowledge involving origami, good pet grooming habits, recipes, tips on interior decorating, verse on the virtues of gardening, money making schemes, political dogma, stock tips, and just the general desire to save the world.

Far from saving in the world from a fate of Martha Stewart inspired ranch split level homes in the suburbs, all eerily similar to the neighbours, eating instant dinners in the living room while watching a stupid 'Must See' television program but not really paying attention to the show because you have the attention span of a gnat, I've changed my mind.

I can't save you. And I don't want to. If your happy there, you deserve to be lost. Sorry? Did you forget what I was saying?

However, if you're actually smart enough to figure out how to turn the computer on and get to this site, there is hope for you yet. There's a long road ahead, not filled with rehabilitation and such nonsense, but rather some exercises in thinking for yourself. And, more importantly, it'll be fun.

So turn off that insipid children's program and pay attention. We've work to do and evil empires to topple.

Have fun storming the castle.

More about me and Omouse

Liarbyrd's Present Theories

Life, The Universe, The Vikings, and Harrison Ford
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