Tokyo Dyke Info

Tokyo Dyke Info

A clearing house for information about the club scene, organizations, and happenings in Tokyo Lesbian Life

The focus for this page is the International Lesbian Community in Japan. It is designed to provide information to a wide range of women; from the Dyke who has one day to explore Tokyo, to the 20 year permanent resident.

For folks who are new to Tokyo there is a vibrant Lesbian scene. It consists of the ubiquitous bar scene in Shinjuku's Ni-chome, weekend escapes, info exchanges, cafes, counselling centers, etc.

For more information about anything listed here feel free to contact me.


Ni-Chome highlights, the queer district in Shinjuku, and more


A freindly bar where all the women go to meet. The best place to start exploring Ni-Chome. The owner, Tara, is friendly and helpful. Located on the 3rd Floor of the the Daiichi Tenka Building, 2-5-10 Shinjuku, 8pm-4am everyday except Tues, TEL: 03-3335-8720.


A mixed bar with the a wonderful atmosphere. A place to relax, dance, or talk to friends while you mellow out on the numerous sofas. On the 1st Thursday of the month they have a women only party called Bar MonaLisa. Also, ZINC will host on June 11th Bridal Trash, 9:00 - 4:00am, Admission is \2,000 with two drinks. Drink sponsor is Tanqueray. We will have two DJs, EURO TRASH videos with host Jean Paul Gaultier and Drag Show. This is a benefit for this year's Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.


THE dance party for women. Killer music, great space, and of course hot women. Held on the 4th Friday of the month at the Collisium in Roppongi. You can always find flyers around Ni-Chome if you need directions.

Mars Bar & Madame Mar

A bit pricey but definatley worth every penny. Madame Mar is the perfect host and matchmaker. The bartenders and Madame Mar keep the crowd going with their chatter and banter as they try to set people up. The cover is pricey at 3500Y but worth it for the entertainment and atmosphere. When you go chcek out the bathroom, a must see. Tel: 03-335-7923.


A friendly mixed Karaoke bar where you can waste many hours trying to impress love interests with your vocal skills.



The dyknet is an interactive email list in English and Japanese that has discussions and event annoucements from women all over Japan, although most of the info is focused in Tokyo.


The retreats occur 3-4 times per year. They are a great chance to meet new women from all over the world while participating in workshops, sports, parties, etc. Currently, the weekends are open to either lesbian women only or to both lesbian/bisexual women on an alternating basis.
The next weekend will be held in Oct 1999.


This is a support program for GLBT members of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program. However, people not associated with JET program may also join. There are montly newsletters and meetings that coincide with JET conferences in various cities. Stonewall also puts out an extensive guidebook with information on GLBT issues


The festival occurs once a year, usually in May. For more information write, phone, or email the organizers at: 5-24-16 #601 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0001, 5380-5760 FAX 5380-5767,
Contact the above email address for more info or go to the film festivals homepage



LOUD is a small office that serves as a lesbian/bi community/resource center. It maintians a library of Japanese and English books and flyers on various community happenings, issues a Japanese newsletter, and invites indivduals and groups to relax or hold meetings/parties. The space is located in Nakano, Tokyo


The Asian Regional Secretariat of the Interantional Lesbian and Gay Association, works toward advancing the lesbian and gay movement and eliminating discrmination toward homosexuals in Japan and Asia through various support activities, lobbying and court battles, media monitoring, AIDS activism, publications, etc. OCCUR also has a women's branch, Lesbians In OCCUR (LIO). Contact OCCUR at 03-3383-5556 or email at

Ms. Crayon House Bookstore

The shop has a good selection of Japanese and English feminist books and women's literature, and seres as a networking center for flyers and newsletters. It is located in Omotesando.


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