Kevin's VW Page

Kevin's VW Page

This page is about Aircooled Volkswagens and I am trying my hand at one watercooled 89 VW Fox. I am Kevin and my wife is Lucretia. We have a daughter, Christine, and I have one son living outside Nashville,Tn, Kevin and Philip is in the Air Force. The Navy just moved us San Jacinto, California to not so sunny Jacksonville, Fl. It looks like we are going to be able to stay here for a while or until April 2006. I have been in Naval Construction (NAVY SEABEE) for twenty four years. Lucretia finished her Masters in Education and will be working on her Ph year. Lucretia also likes repairing Volkswagens. Her 75 Bus engine is overhauled and now has grown to a 2.0 liter with a Weber two barrel carb.. She picked Mark Stephens for all the hard work and the engine was assembled at Leo Woods Independent VW in Fallon, Nv. (She also was Leo's right hand man when it can to elecrtical nightmares) and she just bought a 78 Westy. So for those out there with our intrest and habit's, we will try to offer any assitance. We are on the AIRS list for thouse bussers out thaere that need help

The description of our page is:
VW Bugs, VW Fox and Transportors. Drops us a line if your in the Jacksonville, FL.

Email us at in the meantime.
Please come back soon and visit us.


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