tree ...and so you enter the forest...tree

Walking along the forest floor, you gaze at the dull rays of sunlight falling down through the boughs of the great trees that surround you. Occasionally, you pass through a glowing ray and enjoy a brief moment of warmth before dipping back into the cool shade. As you look around, a metallic glint catches your eye. You stop and look carefully through the trees at what seems to be the sun reflecting off a glossy surface. You turn and walk toward the mysterious object, which reveals more of itself as you come closer. It appears to be a building of some kind.

Coming to the edge of a clearing, you stop and stare. The building actually seems to be a small keep, with walls ten feet high that enclose the structure, which is dominated by a high tower rising from its center. The walls have an alluring silvery sheen that seem to reflect a deep green. Typical of Elven architecture, the structure itself seems more rounded and graceful than a normal building. Three small towers sweep up from the structure, forming a triangle around the largest, which rises gracefully toward the sky. You stand in open wonderment as you survey the rest of the Keep.

You spy what must be the front gate beneath an archway some fifty yards further down the wall, and walk toward it. As you walk along the wall, sunlight plays upon the smooth surface, making it appear silvery-black in places. The iron gate swings open easily, and you move beneath the archway into the courtyard beyond.

Inside the walls, the air is more fragrant, and seems to smell more like trees than the forest did! The courtyard runs around the entire keep, but stands largest in front of the gate. Small trees line a pathway inlaid with flagstones, which leads directly to the keep...and stops at the stone wall of the building. You walk across the courtyard and get a closer look at the wall. Where the front doors should be, you see words engraved in the stone:

Hail and well met, Friend
I am Taurlin Sylveryth,
and this is my home
If thou art weary of thy travels
and seek respite,
Then come ye, and enter my Keep


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