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Aoshi's Anime and Videogames

Updated:January 14, 2000. Yay! First new millenium update! Changed Kaoru and Kenshin couple picture and added a new ultra-kawaii Kenshin GIF

HELLO! As you may have noticed I changed my pages names and looks a bit..for good I hope! I haven't updated in long time but I will try to keep my page page fresh from now on...So please visit me often. I will add some gooddies soon, so stay tuned,also if you wanna use something from my page, please let me know it and make a link to my page. You can contact me at In the mean time, enjoy my page and Thanx for coming! ^_^ This page is dedicated to: My Lord Jesus, and to the most important and beautiful person in the whole word, the woman I love: Marta. I want to thank my dear friends Paola, Vanessa, Herberth and Scott for their support.

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