Welcome to Sasco Creek Farm's home on the web! Hi! My name is Sara Donovan, and my collection is based in Westport, CT (although I am a sophomore at Vassar College and so the management has moved to Poughkeepsie, NY!) I own around 100 Breyer horses, ~25 Stones, and quite afew other make horses. My first love is always Breyers but the Stone horses are creeping in ;). I've only been collecting since 1992 . I collect mostly OF (Original Finish) Models... mostly because decent customs within my price range are hard to come by (althought I've accumulated afew). I love this hobby, and I try to go to as many local shows as possible, but for some reason the Vassar Equestrian Team seems to compete on all the same days as the nearby shows, typical! :)

*NEWS!* (updated August 22!) Coming Soon! A live show gallery compiled from my photos from various events 1996-2000. Also the herd's gallery is being slowly updated. Stay Tuned :)

The News from August 8th:
We're back from NAN/JAM! Well... not that recently but it was the last big event we entered. It was really fun, although not as big as Breyerfest, I was too busy showing (every day!) to get to do much else. Unfortunately Superlative Degree couldn't repeat his '99 Top Ten in performance. But, halter day was very sucessful! Shenandoah Dazzler was national champion stone draft (in one of the hardest OF classes of the day!), Tendancy To Roan was Top Ten in the same class, and Spotted on the Run was Top Ten in Stock Foals. It was quite exciting! Lucky Fellow was a finalist in sport foals but didn't make the top ten. We're still eagerly awaiting this years MEPSA results

You can see some digital photos from the Nutmeg Classic earlier this year here.

So far this year the following horses are qualified for
MEPSA nationals:
-Shenandoah Dazzler
-Sutter's Eureka
-Tarmack Von Bruno
-Sasco Legend

North American Nationals:
-Technicolor (H-2001/02)
-Sasco's Rosy Future (H-2000/01)

Here's my real horse Vallantaire (Walter) and I doing Children's Jumpers at the Fairfield County Hunt Club in June ('99)! Isn't he adorable? ;)

Be sure to visit The Main Barn to meet some of my model horses!

Sculptures in Progress

Horses For Sale

Enter the MEPSA Photo show series! an organization similar to NAMHSA except its for photo shows. They offer bi-monthly photo shows to qualify for the nationals (June 1999)
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