This website is dedicated to a very special woman who came into my life openly and willingly to TEACH ME! how to love today's black woman. She has touched my life in more than one way. The poems are written from deep within my heart.
From: Vision Of Love
To: My Teacher [smile]

You Are My Soulmate

Visions of love have danced through my mind
Embracing the feelings that belong to another time
Somewhere, somewhere before here
We were together in love my dear
I vision it in our kiss
I sense it in our bliss
Every so often I can see us together
Holding hands, staring at each other
Almost like we're doing now
And the one thing that runs through my mind is how
How imaginable it is to me to have found
The one to whom my soul is forever bound
Throughout all eternity
Waiting patiently for me
My only explanation to it all is that
Love really truly does conquer all

What Love Means To Me

Everyone keeps telling me what love should be,
This is what love means to me.
Love is snuggling on the couch,
And not knowing what movie you saw.
Love is walks in the park,
With everyone staring in awe.
Love is a candlelight dinner for two,
Complete with soft music, dancing, and flowers.
Love is just sitting and staring,
And saying I love you for hours.
Love is living to make someone,
Just half as happy as they have made you.
Love is giving all that you can,
To show that person that your love is true.
But if you really want to know,
What love means to me.
Just look in your heart,
Only then will you see.

A Shattered Dream And
A Broken Heart

You came into my life just like a dream.
The day I met you,I knew I would never be the same.
You made me laugh and you made me cry.
But I still love you all the same.
We talked all day and all night long.
Our love seemed to grow stronger as we got along.
We made many plans and shared many dreams together.
We never seemed to get tired of one another.
The day came when I had to make a choice.
A sacrifice which you'll never know on my side.
A game you thought I had played.
And how badly I have wounded your heart.
This emptiness I'm experiencing is here to stay.
But my love for you has never strayed.
What more is there for me to say?
I've already made my choice anyway.
Indeed I have fallen.
And like a bird whose wings are broken.
There's only one thing we now share in common.
That's a shattered dream and
a broken heart right this moment!!!!


In the mornings I lie there
I close my eyes
A single tear escapes
I quickly brush it aside
I remember the pain of last night
I don't want to feel it again
I jump up and go through my day
Wondering sometimes
Why must it be this way?
With you there and I here
My days are lived in constant fear
I fear so many things
I fear that you will be hurt
and I wont be there to kiss away the pain
I fear that you will be upset
and I wont be there to hug you and put your fears away
I fear that another will be there to replace me
Its happened so many times to me
But most of all I fear the night
When it starts to get dark out
I know the time is coming
When I have to lie down
Without you
I think of all that happened that day
And woner why must it be this way?
I think you have doubts
About you and I
I honestly don't know why
Don't be afraid
I love you so very much
If you wanted to go
I would let you
Just remember that noone could ever love you this much.

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