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Welcome to my writing section.  You can read any of my stories or my friend's ones from here...but first, read it carefully. It's our general DISCLAIMER.

First of all, Saint Seiya is copyright of Masami Kurumada-sama, Jump Comics and Toei Animation. Yu Yu Hakusho is copyright of Yoshihiro Togashi-sama, Jump Comics and Studio Pierrot. Neither my friends or I get money with our stories...they are from fans to fans. Don't blame us because of this and respect our work. If you'd like to put any of our stories in your page, let us know, ok?

Another thing...most of the Yu Yu Hakusho fics are YAOI, which means M/M relationships...there are some  Lemon here too, which are stories with grafical sexual content. They'll be listed in a special way for you be very warned before reading.

I'll say again: If this kind of things (yaoi or lemon) bother you, don't read!!!! I'll not answer mails blaming me or my friends because of this.

I think it's all. Now that you're very very very warned, go ahead and have fun.
Comments are very welcome! Tell us what you thought about our work and give us your sugestion to improve our fics!!!

See ya!

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