LEONARDO DiCAPRiO iS SO FiNe!!!! All the Girls Just Drool For ThiS Guy! hE iS sO CUTE! DAMN! DON'T YOU WiSH There WaS aN aSiAn LeOnArDo DiCaRiO? CUz tHiS BoI iS jUst tO DiE For!HeEhEE aNyOnE gOt tHa PiX fRuM wHeRe hE WaS iN BaSkEtBaLL DiArIeS? wEll...HeRe iS a KoOL PiX oF TiTaNiX...aNd SUM RoMeO aNd JuLiEt tHangz

baby...he fine or wat?
PiX fRoM RoMeO aNd JuLiEt

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