"Yes!! I love being in battle. I love the moment when my body stops being a machine and becomes a part of me!! My blood boils and my mind goes all white!! It's an incredible high! There's no time to think...only action!"



GN cover 1 GROUP 1

GN cover 2 GROUP 2

GN cover 3 GROUP 3

GN cover 4 GROUP 4

GN cover 5 GROUP 5

GN cover 6 GROUP 6

GN cover 7 GROUP 7

GN cover 8 GROUP 8

GN cover 9 GROUP 9

alita & hugo GROUP 10

This is the most extrensive collection of Gunnm picture's on the web..ENJOY!!

Each picture group has 8+ pictures on it. Picture Group 9 has pictures that will take some time to load.

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