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I've added a Starcraft page, the new real time strategy game from Blizzard, now finally out in store shelves after months of delays. I've also added a World Wide Web Guide to new EarthDawn Disciplines and a rating system on my EarthDawn page. I love role playing games, my favorite Super Nintendo game being Final Fantasy III. I'm currently in an Earthdawn campaign and I'm an huge Star Wars fan. I've also read and loved the book series DragonLance.

What's New


A Web Guide to all the Disciplines on the Internet, spells, magic items, files, and campaign information.
Star Wars

The first of the Star Wars prequels is due out May 19, 1999. This page also has the scripts from the originals.

Blizzard Entertainment's new strategy game extrordinaire, with three different races to play and plenty of challenge.
Game Links

Everything from Daggerfall to Diablo to DragonLance with a little Final Fantasy thrown in, you'll find in here.
Yvain page

Medieval romance with a twist of sorcery. This page deals with the magic in "Yvain, the Knight with the Lion".
Other Stuff

The Real World... College life, activities, and favorite links that have absolutely nothing to do with anything.

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