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Pharmacy ShadowFAQ: our HUGE house rules FAQ, written for a campaign played for over 2 years in an storefront apartment that used to be a pharmacy. This FAQ is written for SR2, but many of these rules became the standard in SR3, as our GM works for FASA now.

Alternative Intiative Ideas: Some interesting (but untested) ideas for modifications to Shadowrun intiative. We don't use these, but others have written and said they found some of them quite useful. For Sr2 + 3.

Edges and Flaws: New edges and flaws. You'll need the SRC to use these. For Sr2 + 3.

Melee Combat Options and Styles: A unique extension to Shadowrun's melee combat rules. Instead of writting rules for each situation, I added a new set of skills that lets characters alter the way melee works for them, or the effect of thier attack. Different versions for Sr2 and Sr3. Also compatable with almost all melee house rules I've seen.

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Hurrah! Finally, I got around to scanning some of the "Dragon Comics" Shadowrun Manga covers. Since I'm lazy and don't want to make a page with thumbnails, heres some direct links to the images. Unfortunately, I can only do the dustsleaves, since I'd damage the binding if I tried to do interior artwork. Some of it is pretty good, but very little of it is Shadowrun specefic. None of the main characters are metahumans, and the tech items seem mostly from the artists imigination. There are a few drawings that attempt to portray rigging, decking, or astral projection, though.

I put all the jacket front interior flaps (the left jacket interior, since manga run left to right) together in one large-scale (150dpi, 834w x 908h), cleaned it up, and made it take as few bytes (82KB) as possible. The flaps are, from RIGHT TO LEFT, from issue 2, 3, and 4. If you can translate Japanese, I'd love to know what they say; I think its promo material, describing the world of Tokoyo Shadowrun.

Dustsleave exterior for issue 2. 72 dpi, 872w x 572h, 90KB.

Dustsleave exterior for issue 3. 72 dpi, 872w x 572h, 93KB.

Dustsleave exterior for issue 4. 72 dpi, 872w x 572h, 98KB.


ZIC security log: Summary of early campaign history, told from a corprate point of view. Links to character's broken for now.

AZTLAN security log: Info about later adventures south of the border, summarized for Domingo Ramirez's reading

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