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Monster Rancher is a Playstation 'sim' that lets you raise a monster on your ranch and have it fight in tournaments in order to become a Master Breeder. It's not as easy as it looks, though. You'll have to train your monster and keep him healthy, as well as having him progress through rankings from E level to A level, as well as the 4 Special Rings to gain S (Master) level. There's a bit more to this, but I'll tell you soon.

When you start off, you'll notice a Shrine. There, you can try getting the monster you like instead of starting off with the three basic monsters in the Market. There are about 12 breeds obtainable, each with about 11 sub-breeds. The sub-breeds are often a different take on the original, combining the skin and charateristics of a different breed with the body of the original. Example: A pure Jell is combined with a pure Golem. One of the results is a Fencer (Golem Jell, very much resembles a living pile of rocks.) Different results can come out of this. (To combine, you have to freeze two monsters at the lab and combine from there. Extra stuff, like the CD Fragments, can be added to produce a different range of combos.)

Below are a list of breeds and a description of them:


This green-scaled fellow is the easiest to deal with if you're a beginner breeder. He has some good physical attacks and one or two magic attacks, if he trains well.
  • Lidee (Tiger Dino)
  • Spot (Hare Dino)
  • Mustard (Suzeo Dino)
  • Anki (Golem Dino)
  • Valentino (Pixie Dino)
  • Slasher (Jell Dino)
  • Black Rex (Monol Dino)
  • Grape (Naga Dino)
  • Shel (Worm Dino)
  • Ahola (Plant Dino)
  • Goldy (Gali Dino)
  • Tiger

    Yes, this blue/white monster does not look like a tiger. More like a doggy version of a Triceratops. Still, this breed has a large following and is a good critter to begin with.
  • Dento (Dino Tiger)
  • Rover (Hare Tiger)
  • Mono Eye (Suezo Tiger)
  • Toto (Golem Tiger)
  • Deton (Pixie Tiger)
  • Frost (Jell Tiger)
  • Velvet (Monol Tiger)
  • ? (Naga Tiger)
  • Yakuto (Worm Tiger)
  • Leafy (Plant Tiger)
  • Ballon (Gali Tiger)
  • Hare

    Quick, fast, and always hoppin' on his feet, this monster is a good addition to the ranch. Most of the time, he's a nice guy.
  • Scaler (Dino Hare)
  • Pulsar (Tiger Hare)
  • Cross Eye (Suezo Hare)
  • Stoner (Golem Hare)
  • ? (Pixie Hare)
  • Blue Fur (Jell Hare)
  • Evil Hare (Monol Hare)
  • ? (Naga Hare)
  • Groucho (Worm Hare)
  • ? (Plant Hare)
  • Prince (Gali Hare)
  • Suezo

    Funny fellows, these eyeballs with a big mouth to match are good fighters. They tend to be on the cranky side, tho.
  • Melon (Dino Suezo)
  • Horn (Tiger Suzeo)
  • ? (Hare Suzeo)
  • Rocky (Golem Suzeo)
  • Pink Eye (Pixie Suzeo)
  • Toothy (Jell Suezo)
  • ? (Monol Suzeo)
  • Noro (Naga Suzeo)
  • ? (Worm Suzeo)
  • ? (Plant Suzeo)
  • ? (Gali Suzeo)
  • Golem

    Rock-hard and sure, you'll get a monster who can withstand some heavy punishment. Good for intermedites.
  • Verde (Dino Golem)
  • Ice Man (Tiger Golem)
  • Magion (Hare Golem)
  • Titan (Suzeo Golem)
  • Dean (Pixie Golem)
  • Poseidon (Jell Golem)
  • Shadow (Monol Golem)
  • ? (Naga Golem)
  • ? (Worm Golem)
  • Echo (Plant Golem)
  • ? (Gali Golem)
  • Pixie

    Female monsters with high magical abilities. They may give you problems on the Ranch, though.
  • ? (Dino Pixie)
  • Mint (Tiger Pixie)
  • ? (Hare Pixie)
  • Vanity (Suezo Pixie)
  • ? (Golem Pixie)
  • ? (Jell Pixie)
  • Prism (Monol Pixie)
  • Allure (Naga Pixie)
  • ? (Worm Pixie)
  • ? (Plant Pixie)
  • Angel (Gali Pixie)
  • Jell

    These jelly-like beings are good fighters and are quick on the draw. They love to morph.
  • ? (Dino Jell)
  • Icy (Tiger Jell)
  • Clay (Hare Jell)
  • Jupiter (Suezo Jell)
  • Fencer (Golem Jell)
  • ? (Pixie Jell)
  • Lava (Monol Jell)
  • Papad (Naga Jell)
  • Jello (Worm Jell)
  • Kelp (Plant Jell)
  • Gil (Gali Jell)
  • Monol

    Impressive and egimatic monsters, it's hard to tell what their mood is. They make a good addition to your collection. (Monol is short for 'monolith', as you will see...)
  • Jura Wall (Dino Monol)
  • Sponge (Tiger Monol)
  • Groomy (Hare Monol)
  • ? (Suzeo Monol)
  • ? (Golem Monol)
  • Ropa (Pixie Monol)
  • Ice Candy (Jell Monol)
  • ? (Naga Monol)
  • ? (Worm Monol)
  • New Leaf (Plant Monol)
  • Meissah (Gali Monol)
  • Naga

    Reclusive snake-monsters, they love to fight. So don't count on them being calm for most of the time.
  • Scaler (Dino Naga)
  • Striker (Tiger Naga)
  • ? (Hare Naga)
  • Cyclops (Suzeo Naga)
  • ? (Golem Naga)
  • Liper (Pixie Naga)
  • Cutter (Jell Naga)
  • ? (Monol Naga)
  • ? (Plant Naga)
  • ? (Worm Naga)
  • ? (Gali Monol)
  • Worm

    This one is unusual. I can't say how good they are, but time may tell.
  • ? (Dino Worm)
  • Drill (Tiger Worm)
  • ? (Hare Worm)
  • Eye Guy (Suzeo Worm)
  • Rock Worm (Golem Worm)
  • Red Worm (Pixie Worm)
  • Tubby (Jell Worm)
  • Pull Worm (Monol Worm)
  • ? (Naga Worm)
  • ? (Plant Worm)
  • Mask Worm (Gali Worm)
  • Plant

    Plants with the ability to walk, they make impressive fighters. Keep an eye on them, tho.
  • ? (Dino Plant)
  • Iris (Tiger Plant)
  • Spinner (Hare Plant)
  • ? (Suzeo Plant)
  • ? (Golem Plant)
  • ? (Pixie Plant)
  • ? (Jell Plant)
  • Ash (Monol Plant)
  • ? (Naga Plant)
  • ? (Worm Plant)
  • Regal (Gali Plant)
  • Gali

    These spectral monsters have only a cape and a mask to show where they are. They do have impressive attacks.
  • ? (Dino Gali)
  • ? (Tiger Gali)
  • ? (Hare Gali)
  • Omen (Suezo Gali)
  • ? (Golem Gali)
  • Pixel (Pixie Gali)
  • Aqua (Jell Gali)
  • Warrior (Monol Gali)
  • ? (Naga Gali)
  • ? (Worm Gali)
  • ? (Plant Gali)

  • Special Monsters

    Yes, Virgina, there are hidden monsters in Monster Rancher. Some can be seen, others will need to be brought into the light. I've only heard of some, but as I progress, I'll put down more. They can be combined with certain other monsters to produce new variants.

  • Ape Monsters

    The only way to get the ability to make one is to go and explore the Jungles down south. There, in a certain place, is a Magic Banana. Teseca will tell you about the Ape Monsters after you return from the jungles, but for info's sake, I'll just say this: You need two spoiled monsters to create an Ape. Best way is, if you're treating your monsters right, is to make two new ones and give him treats and stuff to make him happy. Soon, you spoil the poor buggers. Once you do, freeze 'em and do a Combine with the Banana. Good luck, since they're hard to deal with...

  • Magic Monsters

    Quite rare, they are egmatic and reclusive. Legends say that they're quite shy and often disguise themselves as either a Gali or a Monol to be with humans. They will come out, though, if an Old Mirror, found in the Temple ruins of Titus, is used when a pure Monol and a pure Gali is combined.

  • Dragons

    Now this one can be seen and can only be obtainable when you win the Trial Cup in April, 2nd week. Now, it's a battle, but the special monster in it should be rated B. It's huge, a head taller than a Golem, and wings to match. Plus, it hits harder than the same monster who's competing in the Trial tournament. If you win, you'll be invited to a one-round match so you can breed one. Go see for yourself.

  • Henger

    This is a special monster that looks like a robot. The way to get it is to obtain the five parts of the Henger Doll (four found in the Reno Ruins, the head after winning an invitational) I don't know what else is after that...

  • Nya

    (submitted by Thentavius, changes by Sean M.)

    After a certain period of time, the Item shop begins offering a new item: "the Cat Doll." If you purchase a cat doll (which is yellow and very much resembles the cat in the B-level trial cup) and then "use" it as an item when you combine two monsters, you'll get a Nya Nya Nya. It's basically a giant cat doll monster. If you combine two monsters of reasonable strength (say, at least Class B), the Nya will be VERY tough, even from the start. After that, you can then combine your yellow Nya with just about any other mosnter and get a Nya/something.

  • Others

    There are other special monsters lurking in your CDs. But some require you to breed a related monster to obtain special permission to have that monster. The shrine will let you know.

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