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Yes! You have reached our Great Big Site! A site made up by the fans for the fans... hehehe... Please remember though, that this is NOT the official site. This is simply a page made up by the two of us for fun... Hope you enjoy your visit, and be sure to sign our guest book and tell us what you think! And, whenever you feel like you've lost your way, just look to the lighthouse, it'll show you the way...


Pictures of NFLD are being put up as we speak. Go here to see what we have so far!

The video for Consequence Free will be released on July 13th, 1999

GBS win BIG at the ECMAs

  • Entertainer Of The Year
  • Video of the year for Lukey (with the Chieftains)

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Congrats on winning the Great Big Bronze Award. I really enjoyed my time on your page. It was fun ...keep up the good work...GBS is the best...Shawn Hart

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