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Our hearts broke in late August of 2000 when we heard the news that

Allen Woody died. We will forever miss this wonderful man & musical giant.

There will NEVER be another like Allen Woody.

Here I just need to say goodbye to the big man on bass. - I've never seen anybody play like this dude or met anybody quite like him either.

Goodbye, Allen - You live in our hearts,

and we feel your spirit when Matt & Warren play.

For a fitting tribute click below:

Allen Woody Tribute Page

I can't imagine how hard it's been for Warren & Matt to continue without Woody, but  I am so grateful that they can!!!!!!! My hat's off to all the wonderful bass players who have been gracious enough to step in with this wonderful band.

I will be with them till the end of the line, regardless of the lineup.

For plenty of good pictures - see the links down at the bottom of the page.

Hope to see your ASSES at some shows!

There are very few bands that pour it out the way these guys do.

I've never seen three musicians who are so tight and at one with their instruments.

These guys inspire me.

Here are some great photos taken by Gov't Mule fans - I didn't take any of these first ones myself,

but I was at one of these shows - Knoxville, TN - Summer Sessions 1999.

(If any of these are copyrighted - let me know & I'll remove it)

Click the Thumbnail to get the full pic:

aw01.jpg aw02.jpg aw03.jpg aw04.jpg
ma01.jpg mule01.jpg mule02.jpg wh01.jpg
wh02.jpg wh03.jpg wh04.jpg wh05.jpg

I took these at the Carolina Music Festival -

Charlotte, NC - Sept. 1999

My ex-girlfriend & I brought in the Muleinneum at the Roxy in Atlanta with these guys. There are some great pics from that show on their website - check it out!

(link at bottom)

Here's a few shots after the show in Kingsport, TN - 3/24/00

These guys are too cool!!!

Here's a few Mulette shots after the show in Knoxville, TN - 4/24/00

Gov't Mule & Friend

Sarah & Warren

Marie & Mack Daddy Haynes

And Matt Abts on the drums!!!

I caught Matt's side Project, X2 (Experimental Duo), in Asheville. It's him on drums & Johnny Neel on Keys......and sometimes special guests. This is a very tasty musical experience. If you get the chance, check them out for yourself! Here's a pic of Matt & me before the show.

X2-MattAbtsBillyMM.jpg (24796 bytes)

And here's the link to their website:

Gov't Mule

Music for your ass!

Billy's Mule Testimony - How I got Hooked

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