The Word is a Powerful Tool!
Lots of Inspirational Messages

I strongly believe that what we say and think about becomes part of our reality. Words crystalize and become a part of my belief system. So, I try to surround my day with positive strokes and sound bites to remind me of the power that words have.

Words have begun wars but they have also opened peace talks. I want peace talk in my life, so I collect inspirational, witty and thought-provoking words every day. I would like to share some with you. I hope you will share your favorite words with me.

All Good Things
The Bank
English Language
Last Night
Mountain of Hope
Puppy Story
A Beautiful Embroidery Story
Two Choices
The Kids Who Are Different
The Wallet
Verbal Anger
Wise Quotes
A Christmas Story
The Paradox of Our Age
Clowning Around

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