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Darren's Homepage !!

The Name's Neal, Darren Neal.

Do you feel trapped ? Unable to Cope ? Stuck in someone else's Frames ??
Click Here to break out of them and have me all to yourself !! (and be able to see that much more of the page)

OK you are nearly there. All you have to do is make one simple decision. You must chose whether you want to view the following pages in glorious frame-vision or dull, bog standard and unimpressive frame-less dullity.
Frame-Vision | No Frames Dullity

So do you want to know how many times this page has been visited ??
Me too, but maybe next time. However the new and improved, updated and super spanky all knowing (but ever screwy) counter says that this page has been visited ... Counter times. The Counter was reset on 30th March 2004.
It was also visited about a million times (plus about 1360) before the counter went VERY screwy !! This is all since March '97.
Thank You Kindly for coming !! :0)

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