Defending AFC East Champions!!

Due to the intense graphics display on this page .. it may take a couple of minutes to fully load ... but PLEASE wait .... With that said ~~~ Welcome to my Indianapolis Colts page ~~~~~~~~ The Colts finished the regular season this year 13 & 3 ... and turned heads all around the NFL with what some teams are calling the "Three Headed Monster" ~~~ or the "Triplets" ~~~ Manning .. James & Harrison ~~~~~~~~~~ The same Three Headed Monster that I hope will dominate the AFC for the next few years! ~~~~~~~~


Miami 8 2 0
Indianapolis 7 3 0
NY Jets 6 4 0
Buffalo 6 4 0
New England 2 8 0

From the Vols to the Colts

Peyton Manning is but one player on this team, but his leadership,
knowledge and abilities, make him the corner stone of what all
good offenses are built around.
Manning on Sports Illustrated

Indys Triplets! Some teams around the league are now calling this trio the "Three Headed Monster"! This is a good picture of Manning, James and Harrison after they were taken out of the Philly game after building a 41 point lead. The Colt's went on to win the game 44 - 17 ... and are the AFC East Champions!

Cornelius Bennett has been around the league
for many years, and was originally drafted by
Indianapolis. He is now the anchor for the defense,
and is turned to by the younger players for guidance
and experience. Many of the players affectionally
call him "Uncle Ben".
Cornelius Bennett

Regular Season:

Kansas City Away COLTS: 27-14
Oakland Home Oakland: 38-31
Open Date ~~~~ Sept. 17th
Jacksonville Home COLTS: 43-14
Buffalo Away COLTS: 18-16
New England Away Pats: 24-16
Seattle Away COLTS: 37-24
New England Home COLTS: 30-23
Detroit Home COLTS: 30-18
Chicago Away Chicago: 27-24
New York Home COLTS: 23-15
Green Bay Away Nov. 19th
Miami Home Nov. 26th
New York Away Dec. 3rd
Buffalo Home Dec. 11th
Miami Away Dec. 17th
Minnesota Home Dec. 24th

Regular Season Record: 7-3



AFC East Champions!!

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