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Welcome to my Christopher Pike Page! Feel free to look around and check out all my page has to offer. Here you will find the summaries from the backs of the books, my favorite excerpts from the books, the covers, and many other things. The only thing I ask is that you please sign my guestbook before you leave. Thanks!

About Christopher Pike:

Christopher Pike was born in Brooklyn, New York, but grew up in Los Angeles, where he lives to this day. Prior to becoming the famous writer he is now, he worked in a factory, painted houses, and programmed computers. His hobbies include astronomy, meditating, running, playing with his nieces and nephews, and making sure his books are being prominantly displayed in the local bookstores.

For a little more about Mr. Pike, go here

My Favorite Quote:

"That in which we hate, we feel in ourselves. That in which we fear, we see in others. But hate and fear both arise in the heart, as does love. Hate can conquer fear, but only love can conquer hate." ~Alosha "The Starlight Crystal

If you have any good quotes that you like, email them to the address at the bottom of the page and I will put them up.

The Books:

For the list, go here

If you would like to read the summaries, go here

To see the covers, go here, and to see the covers of his Spooksville series books, go here.

Fav Excerts:

A Victim for the Sacrifice
Cry of Terror
Lost In Time
The Love of His Life
Prayer of a False God
The Experiment
The Interrogation Room

Book Reviews

Anybody have a favorite Pike book and would like to let others know what you thought about it? Good, bad, or ugly, send me your book review! I'll put it up on here as soon as I can!


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