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  Hi there folks, welcome to our Gold Wing page. I say 'our' Gold Wing because I am in partnership in it with my wife Dottie. As you can see from the pic, my name is Bernie.

These pics were taken last autumn at our residence in North Carolina, US of A, and shows the present condition of the bike--there are a total of 54 lights on the bike with 11 of them as Brake lights -LOL
12 of them are on the front end, counting cornering lights.

Our residence is in the center of a 2 acre lot. Trees are on all 4 sides of the lot,  so if you need some LEAVES this Autumn --I can send some .. at a premium of course --LOL

Looking forward to seeing these pics posted -shes a 1200 Black/Grey - and I think she is pretty slick . Dottie too. Grins

The bike is a 1987 GL-1200 Aspencade  with Radio Shack CB/ with hand mike. Honda Type 111  AM/FM/Cassette Player/ Dual Antennas - Black/Gray  -  22,500 miles. Dottie says never mind about her mileage LOL - not too sure if she is referring to the bike or not?? Hehe

We have put up a total of 75,000 miles on Honda motorcycles over the years.

Our 1987 was bought in 1997 when it had 10,000 miles on her.

We are from Lexington,NC and have added 12,500 miles in the past year and a half.

We rode it from NC to Mamanoth Cave, Kentucky and from NC to Stone Mt., Georgia and to WINGS Over The Smokies rally in Fletcher, NC twice.

We also spend alot of weekends riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC and VA. Looking forward to putting many many more miles on this wing in the future.

 Some pics in here from some our rides.

We will be adding to these soon.

We'd rather Ride a Wing

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Safe Riding
Bernie & Dottie Motley
Lexington, North Carolina
GWRRA # 123556-01 

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