My name is Sarah "Lisa" Jones. I'm 14 years old and live in Los Angeles. In the Northen Part, by Malibu. It's pretty normal to see famous people walking down the streets here. I was born August 7th, 1984 at a Florida hospital where I use to live. I use to live in Tampa Bay and moved here in the summver of 1997. I'm glad I met Lisa before I came here. We were pen pals on the net and she lives in Los Angeles. Across the street from where I now live. My sister Jenny and me share an apartment and my parents live next door with a connecting door, It's pretty cool. My hobbies are swimming, acting, skiing, and skateboarding. I go to Los Angeles Area High School and I'm in 9th grade. I've made a lot friends and am glad. My parents are lawyers and my sister is in college working on her MA degree. Well, hope you enjoyed my life!


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