Welcome to my Giantess collage page!

So far, that's all I have on this page: Collages. Hopefully, sometime in the future,

I'll have some original artwork, or maybe even a story or too. But right now,

just collages... as far as giantessess go, I prefer giantesses of a smaller size

(relatively speaking), not mega-giantesses, my limited (yet, limitless)

immagination can only seem to process women anywhere from 7 feet tall to 25...

My collages are created in PhotoImpact, since I'm too financially challenged

to afford Photoshop, but PhotoImpact seems to be able to do all the things that

Photoshop can. I've also made some collages, featuring myself. (I'm the guy in the

suit!) So, without further rambling, here is my humble collection of


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Last updated: January 16, 1999

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