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Some of these stories are not intended for children. They include violence, adult language, and adult scenes. If you are offended by any of these things, please do not proceed.

Love and Hate

15 years of torment for each of the turtles. Thier master Splinter had been murdered so brutally and the turtles had split up. After so many years of seperation, will they learn to forgive each other ? Will they try to piece together their shattered lives and make the best of it ? Or will they be forever torn apart ? Rated PG-13

Art of Racing
Wrongfully Accused
Figure in the Night
Friend or Foe
Recalling the Past
Running to Win
It took Heart
Long Lost Friends
Secrets Revealed
Surpise Meetings
Birthday Surpise
Coming to Silver Brook
Old Friends
Wedding Day

Reflections: Journey to the Past

A family's happy life ends in tragedy and the only two left are sisters that can't see eye to eye. Seperated by eleven years, Alana is forced to go back to New York and face her sister and the memory of her dead family. The only way to find the killer is with the turtle's help, but will they help her? Did she cause too much pain in their lives for them to forgive her? Rated R

Facing the Past
Good times and Bad times
Birthday Surprises
Unexpected New Friends
Horror in the eyes of a child
A new home
Never Safe
Making a new friend
First day of training
Too young at heart
Running away and never coming back


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