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This site is dedicated to sea fishing in East Anglia in the UK.

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Well at long last the site has been updated. Unfortunately the download time I think is a bit slower but I hope you will feel that its worth it. I hope you all find the extra pages usefull. Please feel free to send me your comments and your big fish photo's for the pictures page.


UPDATE [19 NOV 2000]

Hi everyone. The trip to sizewell didn't go too well due to a lot of wind and rough seas. You can see the full report on the reports page. We will hopefully be organising another on for after the new year, probably around late Jan. to early Feb. We were thinking about having either a beach or estury trip around the Ipswich/Harwich area. Anyone got any good suggestions let either myself or Peter know.

I have been planing to update this site but work commitments mean I haven't done much but watch this space. I hope to have more pages and perhaps a different page design soon.


UPDATE [13 Oct 2000]

I now have some new message boards thanks to Peter at Sea Fishing in North Essex and South Suffolk. I have been having problems with my boards due to spam porn postings and some reports dissappearing altogether so Peter and I have decided to share a set of boards. Thanks to everone who posted reports and keep them coming!.

I hope everyone will find it useful and informative. I aim to have several sections as you can see from the buttons. The sea fishing reports page will be updated regularly so you can see what is being caught in the area at any given time. Anyone who goes sea fishing around East Anglia will know that the fish numbers are not being caught as they were years ago but hopefully if everyone who goes on a fishing trip lets me know what is caught then it might help the rest of us so we don't blank on our next sea fishing trip.

I have included a section on the fish which are caught in this region. It is not a complete list but shows the main ones.

Also there is the almost mandatory links page with a list of all the good UK sea fishing sites I have found and visit regularly. If you wish yours to be added let me know

I welcome any suggestions for the site, good or bad, and if anyone has any general sea fishing tips they would like to pass on them e-mail them to me and I will create a page for these.


Enjoy my site and HAPPY FISHING!!
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This UK Sea Angling site is owned by Simon

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